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Ten years ago, many would have turned their noses up at the chance to sample a wine produced in Bali. The tropical conditions make it incredibly challenging to produce wines from traditional wine grapes, but after almost 20 years of trials and mostly errors, wine producers have finally found their footing using indigenous grapes varietals like belgia (white), probolinggo biru (sparkling) and table grape alphonese-lavellee (red). Most of the premium vineyards are on the northern end of the island, where conditions are drier and somewhat cooler, allowing grapes to ripen with minimal disease and fungal pressures. Winemaking and tasting experiences can be found a little closer to beachside tourism precincts like Sanur.

Top wine producer

Hatten Wines clearly deserves this recognition, thanks to its efforts over the past 20 years to produce the greatest wines from Bali. The signature wines that have consistently won international awards include the fortified Pino di Bali and the sparkling wine Tunjung. The winery recently opened its brand new Cellardoor facility, offering wine classes and meals in its private dining room.

Where to stay

Kejora Suites (pictured below) is a boutique property only a stone’s throw from the beach and Hatten Wines’ Cellardoor. The affordable suites open up to a pool and gardens. Meals are served in the Glass House restaurant next door, which features a distinctly Aussie cafe vibe.


十年前,許多人即使有機會品嚐在峇里釀造的葡萄酒,也會對其嗤之以鼻,因為當地的熱帶氣候根本不適合釀製傳統葡萄酒。然而經過約20年的驗試 和無數次失敗後,一眾釀酒廠終於憑藉belgia白葡萄、釀造氣泡的酒 probolinggo biru葡萄,以及食用紅葡萄alphonese-lavellee等土生葡萄品種,覓得立足之地。絕大多數優質葡萄園均位於島嶼北陲;該處氣候較為乾燥清涼,讓葡萄在最少疾病和真菌侵害下成熟。至於Sanur等海灘旅遊勝地附近的釀酒廠,更提供釀酒和品酒體驗。


Hatten Wines於過去20年致力釀造最佳的峇里葡萄酒,絕對值得被譽為頂尖釀酒廠。它所出產的經典葡萄酒,括Pino di Bali加強酒和氣泡酒Tunjung,更經常贏得國際。獎項 釀酒廠最近增設了全新的Cellardoor設施,提供品酒課程,並在私人廂提房裡 供膳食。


精品酒店Kejora Suites(下圖)毗鄰海灘和Hatten Wines釀酒廠的Cellardoor,其套房金格宜租 價 相 ,更可泳飽覽 池和花園景致。旁邊的Glass House餐廳提供膳食,洋溢澳洲咖啡館格調。

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