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The EFTA Court in Lux­em­bourg in­vites app­licati­ons for the positi­on of Lawyer Ad­m­in­istrator which will be vacant mid-October 2015. The Lawyer Ad­m­in­istrator works in the Court´s Reg­is­try and reports to the Reg­istr­ar. He/she follows up the daily work on court cases both in­ternally and externally, coord­ina­tes the work of the external translators/revisers, supervises the final legal ed­it­ing of judgments and ot­her decisi­ons, supervises all EFTA Court pu­blicati­ons (Court Reports, EFTA Court Texts, Official Journal, EEA Supp­lement, etc), and is responsi­ble for

procedural qu­esti­ons including up­da­tes on procedural ru­les and ot­her legal docu­ments. The appo­int­ment will be for a fix­ed term of three ye­ars, renewable. The positi­on is norm­ally placed at gra­de A4, start­ing at € 85.822 per ann­um. Depend­ing on per­sonal situati­on and family status, additi­onal allow­ances and be­nef­its may app­ly. Tax conditi­ons are favorable. Candi­da­tes should ha­ve the follow­ing qualificati­ons: • A uni­versity law degree in the nati­onal law of one of the

Mem­ber Sta­tes, good know­led­ge of EEA/EU law. • Proven professi­onal experience from a nati­onal or in­ternati­onal Court, a nati­onal or in­ternati­onal adm­in­istrati­on, law firm or a pri­vate und­er­tak­ing. • Strong compu­ter literacy. • Excell­ent command of written and spoken English

(the work­ing langua­ge of the Court). • Know­led­ge of one or more of the EFTA Court Mem­ber Sta­te langua­ges is highly desira­ble. Know­led­ge of ot­her EU langua­ges is an as­set. • Excell­ent org­an­isati­onal, in­ter­per­sonal and comm­uni

cati­on sk­ills. • Proacti­vity and full comm­it­ment with the ability to work

both in­depend­ently and in a team in an in­ternati­onal en­vironment. Dea­dline for app­licati­on is 23 Aug­ust 2015. Candi­da­tes are in­vited to fill out the app­licati­on form posted on the Court’s web site and send it to app­licati­ The app­licati­on form should be accomp­anied by a letter of moti­vati­on. Qu­esti­ons reg­ar­ding the post may be addressed to Bryn­dís Pálm­ars­dótt­ir, at +352 421 08 335 or brynd­is.palm­ars­dott­ir@ or Gunn­ar Sel­vikat +352 421 08 331 or gunn­ar. sel­

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