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Champa Shasthi, also known as Chamba Sasti, is ded­i­cated to Lord Shiva and is ob­served on the 6th day of the Shukla Pak­sha in the month of Mar­gashirsh in Ma­ha­rash­tra and Kar­nataka. A six­day fes­ti­val is ded­i­cated to Lord Shiva, es­pe­cially an in­car­na­tion of Lord Shiva who is known as Khan­doba or Khan­derao. The day has great sig­nif­i­cance in Ma­ha­rash­tra es­pe­cially at Khan­doba Tem­ple in Je­juri near Pune. In 2017, the date of Chamba Shasti is on 25th No­vem­ber. A large num­ber of devo­tees choose to fast on all the six days start­ing from Amavasya and con­clude their fast­ing on the Champa Sashthi. The Shashthi Tithi be­gins at 07:04 a.m. on 24th Nov, 2017 and the Shashthi Tithi ends at 09:27 a.m. on 25th Nov, 2017. The cen­tral high­light of the Champa Sashthi puja is vis­it­ing the tem­ple of Khan­doba dur­ing early morn­ing on all the six days from no moon day to Champa Sashti. Lord Shiva de­stroyed two demons named Mani and Malla on Champa Sashti.

Sig­nif­i­cance of Champa Shashti:

Ob­serv­ing Champa Sashthi con­fers pos­i­tive en­ergy on the devo­tees for a pros­per­ous life. It is said the sins of the past births are washed away. The devo­tees also at­tain the hap­pi­ness to move ahead in their life with­out any hur­dles and chal­lenges. Hence, the devo­tees walk to the tem­ple on foot and wor­ship Lord Khan­doba to seek his bless­ings on this aus­pi­cious day.

Cel­e­bra­tions and Rit­u­als:

The devo­tees of Khan­doba ob­serve fasts dur­ing the six days of the fes­ti­val. On all the six days, an oil lamp known as Nan­dadeep is lit in front of the Khan­doba idol and is made to burn con­tin­u­ously. On the day of Champa Sashti, wor­ship­pers and devo­tees of­fer turmeric pow­der, fruits, and veg­eta­bles to Lord Khan­doba. A va­ri­ety of of­fer­ings are made to the Lord in­clud­ing turmeric pow­der, Rodaga (wheat based dish) and Thom­bara (pre­pared from multi-grains flour). Devo­tees fast on all the six days start­ing from no moon day and con­clude their fast­ing on the Champa Sashthi af­ter con­sum­ing the Prasad of the Lord. Arthi is also per­formed at the tem­ple on all the six days.

Champa Shasthi Story:

Leg­end has it that once upon a time two demons named Mani and Malla be­came pow­er­ful by per­form­ing in­tense Tapas ded­i­cated to Brahma. With unimag­in­able power, Mani and Malla started ha­rass­ing hu­man be­ings, sages and demigods. Sages then ap­proached Lord Shiva for help. Shiva took the form of a fierce war­rior Khan­doba to fight Mani and Malla and went to Manichurna Moun­tain. The bat­tle be­gan on Amavasya (no moon day) in the month of Mar­gasir­sha. Mani and Malla fought hard for six days. Fi­nally they were killed. This hap­pened on the sixth day of Mar­gashirsh and is ob­served as Chamba Shasti. It is be­lieved Lord Shiva de­cided to stay here in the form of a Swayambhu lingam af­ter de­feat­ing the demons.

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