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Can­cer: Avoid get­ting in­volved in any­thing wrong. Hard work will bring in the de­sired re­sults. Dif­fi­cul­ties will see an im­prove­ment. Work progress will bring sat­is­fac­tion. A cer­tain sit­u­a­tion may pro­vide cause for worry. You will man­age to han­dle more than one thing at a time.

Leo: Sin­gles may meet some­one spe­cial. Avoid be­ing dif­fi­cult and be more sen­si­tive to the needs of oth­ers. Mi­nor health prob­lems may oc­cur. A dif­fi­cult person may stop caus­ing trou­ble. Your in­tegrity and hon­est ap­proach may gain a few ad­mir­ers. Thank the Lord for his bless­ings.

Virgo: Stop in­dulging in of­fice gos­sip. Fi­nances will be good. Work re­la­tions will be well main­tained. Of­fice en­vi­ron­ment will be sat­is­fac­tory. Avoid bring over-bear­ing and be more diplomatic. Mi­nor health prob­lems may be faced. Seek the Lord’s guid­ance and bless­ings.

Libra: Learn to be more flex­i­ble in your deal­ings. You may man­age to han­dle more thsn one thing at a time. Be alert as some­one you trust may try to be­tray you. You may earn the re­spect and ad­mi­ra­tion of peers. Mi­nor health is­sues may oc­cur. Scorpio: Ex­pected re­turns may be de­layed. Avoid tak­ing short­cuts. Pos­i­tive changes are about to en­ter your life very soon. You pre­fer to con­cen­trate on qual­ity rather than quan­tity. You may man­age to reach an en­vi­able po­si­tion, but the suc­cess you wish for may still elude you.

Sagittarius: A dif­fi­cult person may de­cide to stop caus­ing harm. Creative ideas will flow. For­get past is­sues and look at present op­por­tu­ni­ties. Be help­ful to those in need. A lot of hard work will be needed to succed in what­ever you un­der­take dur­ing this pe­riod.

Capricorn: Pro­mo­tion is on the cards,but to reach the de­sired heights more hard work is needed. Part­ner­ships will flour­ish. Work progress may not bring sat­is­fac­tion. Make the nec­es­sary changes. Prob­lems faced may ease out a bit. Some­one aware of your past may try to take ad­van­tage of his knowl­edge.

Aquarius: Con­trol your tem­per. Com­peti­tors may be plan­ning to out­smart you. Be alert. Fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion will see an im­prove­ment. Avoid do­ing any­thing wrong to get things done. Lis­ten to your in­ner voice. Your lead­er­ship skills will gain many ad­mir­ers.

Pisces: For­get past mis­takes and move ahead to a brighter fu­ture. Prob­lems cre­ated by a dif­fi­cult person may cause stress. You pre­fer to con­cen­trate on qual­ity rather than quan­tity. Vic­tory will be achieved in any­thing you un­der­take dur­ing this pe­riod. Con­trol your mood swings.

Aries: Avoid in­dulging in of­fice gos­sip as it may af­fect your rep­u­ta­tion. More hard work is needed to achieve set tar­gets. Ac­cept your re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and ful­fill them. Dif­fi­cul­ties faced may cause stress. Avoid be­ing dif­fi­cult and learn to be more flex­i­ble in your deal­ings.

Taurus: You may not earn the de­served re­spect and ad­mi­ra­tion. Avoid tak­ing short-cuts to achieve tar­gets. Suc­cess is a bit de­layed but is surely com­ing your way very soon. Prob­lems faced may cause stress. You need to make an ef­fort to im­prove re­la­tions.

Gemini: Dif­fi­cul­ties faced may ease out a bit. Avoid mis-us­ing your pow­ers. You may reach the heights you have aimed for. Share your suc­cess with oth­ers. Not a good time to get into part­ner­ships. Be help­ful to those in need. Good times are com­ing your way soon.

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