You get cheated by Builders this way also : Be Aware


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One of my rel­a­tive booked a flat with builder in Navi Mumbai. To­tal con­sid­er­a­tion of the booked flat was 23 lacs. The flat was un­der con­struc­tion when book­ing was made. Af­ter cer­tain amount is paid to builder firm they en­tered and ex­e­cuted the Agree­ment for Sale duly reg­is­tered with Sub­Reg­is­trar. With the strength of reg­is­tered doc­u­ment one pri­vate sec­tor bank sanc­tioned a loan of Rs.7lacs in favour of pur­chaser rel­a­tive. En­tire bank loan amount was paid di­rectly to builder by the bank. Rest 95 % of con­sid­er­a­tion of the flat was also paid by my rel­a­tive. This episode was con­tin­ued from 2005 to till date. My rel­a­tive stay­ing in rental premises long back. By the end of March, 2009 the build­ing was still un­der con­struc­tion. My rel­a­tive en­quired with the Manager of the builder firm about the com­ple­tion sched­ule of the build­ing wherein my rel­a­tive booked a flat. So the Manger of the builder came to my rel­a­tive’s home and told him that the builder is go­ing very slow, so again 1 year will go to get pos­ses­sion of flat. The Manager of builder as­sured my rel­a­tive to search out a ready pos­ses­sion flat for him in­stantly. The Manager also shown readi­ness to pur­chase the booked flat for Rs. 35 lacs. My rel­a­tive given con­sent to sell the booked flat to the Manager for hand­some con­sid­er­a­tion, with a view to pur­chase a ready pos­ses­sion flat in the same vicin­ity. The Manager of builder had to­tal ac­cess to the builder’s of­fice so he pre­pared a let­ter of can­cel­la­tion of booked flat, he only forged the sig­na­ture of my rel­a­tive. He him­self pre­pared an Ap­pli­ca­tion ad­dress­ing the builder firm to is­sue NOC to pur­chase the booked flat of my rel­a­tive in his name. On this Ap­pli­ca­tion of NOC pre­pared by the Manager in the name of my rel­a­tive. He him­self forged the sig­na­ture of my rel­a­tive. My rel­a­tive was not aware of th­ese doc­u­ments fab­ri­cated and forged by him. The builder re­ceived both the doc­u­ments which were not signed by my rel­a­tive. On the ba­sis of this the builder got can­celled the book­ing and is­sued NOC in favour of the Manager. The Manager af­ter this ap­proached my rel­a­tive and paid cash of Rs.6 lac and took him to Sub-Reg­is­trar’s of­fice and handed two post dated cheques

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