50 Lakh homes built un­der Indira Awas Yo­jana cap­tured by MLAs: Re­port

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10593557 homes were con­structed, as claimed by Re­port of Work­ing Group on XII Five Year Plan Sept 2011 from 2007-08 in Ru­ral In­dia out of which al­most 50% pock­eted by Politi­cians. The Re­port in its 18th page said ”The Eleventh Plan doc­u­ment also noted ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties in the method of se­lec­tion of IAY ben­e­fi­cia­ries. It stated “25 to 50 per cent of the ben­e­fi­cia­ries are not be­ing se­lected through the Gram Sab­has. Al­lo­ca­tion among pan­chay­ats has been in­flu­enced by PRIs/MLAs. The vo­cal and ac­tive seg­ments of ben­e­fi­cia­ries in­flu­ence the se­lec­tion process. The poor­est among BPL house­holds are left out and non? BPL fam­i­lies get se­lected. Be­sides, il­le­gal grat­i­fi­ca­tion of PRIs is a com­mon com­plaint brought out by sev­eral stud­ies.” The Re­port fur­ther em­pha­sised the thrust to fil­ter the needy as ” The so­cio-eco­nomic and caste cen­sus for In­dia 2011 is un­der­way at the time of fi­nal­is­ing this re­port. In the cur­rent process, the 13 pa­ram­e­ters adopted for the BPL sur­vey of 2002 have been re­placed with a fresh method­ol­ogy which is ex­pected to be more ob­jec­tive than the pre­vi­ous one. Un­der the new method­ol­ogy, ru­ral house­holds have been clas­si­fied as un­der : 1. First, a set of house­holds that clearly do not need gov­ern­ment as­sis­tance are EX­CLUDED. 1. Sec­ond, a set of house­holds are com­pul­so­rily IN­CLUDED – all house­holds that are with­out a shel­ter be­long to this cat­e­gory. 1. Third, re­main­ing house­holds are RANKED as per the num­ber of de­pri­va­tion in­di­ca­tors in­clud­ing the qual­ity of their house. It is hoped that such a process would sim­plify the process of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of those fam­i­lies that truly re­quire gov­ern­ment as­sis­tance for hous­ing and min­imise var­i­ous kinds of pres­sures that might in­flu­ence the process.

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