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Nes­tled in the lower southern reaches of the Sat­pura hills, Pench Tiger Re­serve is named af­ter the Pench river that me­an­ders through the park. A de­scrip­tion of its nat­u­ral wealth and rich­ness oc­curs in the an­cient Ain-i-ak­bari. Pench and its neigh­bour­hood is the orig­i­nal set­ting of Rud­yard Ki­pling’s fa­mous Jun­gle Book. FLORA: Over 1,200 species of plants have been recorded from the area in­clud­ing sev­eral rare and en­dan­gered plants as well as those of ethno-botan­i­cal im­por­tance. FAUNA: Pench tiger re­serve has the high­est den­sity of her­bi­vores in In­dia, av­er­ag­ing 90.3 an­i­mals per sq km. The most com­mon om­ni­vore in th­ese parts is the sloth bear. VUL­TURES: There are four recorded

species of vul­tures in th­ese parts – the White Rumped, Long billed, White scav­enger and the King. TOURIST AT­TRAC­TIONS: While here, you might want to visit the Tot­ladoh Dam, Kar­ma­jhiri, Kala­pa­had, Ch­hindi­matta, Bi­son Camp and Bi­son Re­treat. YOUR HOST : Ki­pling’s Court Ph : (07695) 232830, 232850

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