(22 JULY — 22 AU­GUST)

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Plan­e­tary in­flu­ences this Oc­to­ber are go­ing to cre­ate a very favourable cli­mate in your so­cial life. You can ex­pect some­thing of a re­newal in your most in­flu­en­tial re­la­tion­ships. You’ll have no prob­lem in en­ter­ing new cir­cles and carv­ing out an in­ter­est­ing place for your­self. Your am­bi­tions will be favourably in­spired, en­abling you to call in favours which will be use­ful in your ad­vance­ment. Your friends will un­de­ni­ably give you sup­port and you will find con­sid­er­able back­ing for your plans and hopes for a pro­duc­tive fu­ture in the loy­alty of some. On the other hand, make sure you don’t cre­ate ten­sions within your fam­ily be­cause of your author­ity, which will ex­pand within this con­text. The in­flu­ence of Venus, who will en­cour­age the ex­pan­sion of your love-life un­til the 9th of the month, will en­cour­age the ful­fill­ment of your love-life. Make the most of this to be­come closer to your near­est and dear­est, as you can then ex­pect those close to you to turn more to­wards their own ap­par­ent lives.

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