(20 JUNE — 22 JULY)

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Plan­e­tary in­fuences this Oc­to­ber will en­cour­age you to be­come more in­de­pen­dent in all re­spects. Mer­cury, in square as­pect to your sec­tor, will make you more in­clined to be con­tro­ver­sial and go for two-way dis­cus­sions, making your judge­ments more rad­i­cal and full of con­trast than usual. Un­ex­pected mood changes will re­veal your need for free­dom and in­de­pen­dence, and this is go­ing to de­velop still fur­ther. Re­press­ing this need could only do you dam­age, as could tak­ing abrupt ac­tion. It will be a case of man­ag­ing this en­ergy to build your fu­ture on a new base, which has been well thought-out, by tak­ing your time. How­ever, it will be within your fam­ily in par­tic­u­lar that you will need to get things mov­ing ac­tively. The square as­pect from the Sun to your sign dur­ing the first three weeks of the month will cre­ate frus­tra­tion re­gard­ing recog­ni­tion in your so­cial and fam­ily life. You can ex­pect a slow-down due to a lack of en­thu­si­asm from those you deal with. Things will be eas­ier from 23rd Oc­to­ber.

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