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The in­flu­ence of the Sun in your sign dur­ing the first three weeks of the month will en­cour­age you to open up more widely to oth­ers, whether to those close to you in your in­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships, or those with whom you work or socialise. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion will be at its height and this will boost your ego. Your in­creas­ing charisma will give you greater bold­ness and ease of ex­pres­sion, giv­ing you a chance to show off your tal­ents and prove them with­out fur­ther ado. This will be a very favourable pe­riod for de­vel­op­ing your re­la­tion­ships. You will feel less aware of your lim­i­ta­tions and your so­cia­ble na­ture will be awak­ened. Your need for com­mu­ni­ca­tion will be chan­neled to use­ful ef­fect, if you fo­cus on peo­ple who are wor­thy of your con­fi­dence. It will be es­sen­tial to be dis­cern­ing, if you are to avoid dis­ap­point­ments. The tran­sit of Mer­cury through your con­stel­la­tion will en­cour­age both your men­tal alert­ness and your so­cia­ble side. This will have reper­cus­sions in your love-life, in the sense that the tran­sit of Venus through your sym­bolic Twelfth House will raise doubts about the depth of your feel­ings or those of your part­ner. Get this into per­spec­tive care­fully!

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