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Gopinath tem­ple is sit­u­ated in Gopesh­war city of Chamoli dis­trict of Ut­tarak­hand, In­dia. The tem­ple is topped by a dome and 24 doors leads to the sanc­tum sanc­to­rum , which is 30 sq. feet in area. There are sev­eral bro­ken idols around the tem­ple which sup­port the the­ory that in an­cient times there were sev­eral more tem­ples in Gopesh­war.

In the court­yard of the tem­ple there is a tri­dent (Tr­ishul) about five me­tre high made of eight dif­fer­ent metal dat­ing back to the 12th cen­tury and bears in­scrip­tions at­trib­uted to Anek­malla, king of Nepal who reigned the re­gion in the 13th cen­tury. An­other in­scrip­tions records the erec­tion of a royal ed­i­fice by him in 1191 A.D.

The leg­end goes that the tri­dent be­longed to Shiva who threw it at Kamdeva (The God Of Love) to kill him and it got fixed in this spot. While brute force can not move this Tri­dent , the slight­est touch by a true devo­tee can cause a tremor in it is the be­lief of the peo­ple here. The metal of the tri­dent does not ap­pear to have be­come weath­ered by the el­e­ments over the cen­tury.

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