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Sit­u­ated on the banks of Alak­nanda river in Sri­nager Garhwal near Badri­nath high­way, this tem­ple de­voted to Lord Shiva is thronged by large num­ber of devo­tees. Ev­ery year, on the oc­ca­sion of Vaikunth Chatur­dashi, child­less couple wor­ship Lord Shiva en­tire night with lighted lamps, and the prayer is al­ways an­swered as lo­cal priests be­lieved.

The tem­ple is con­sid­ered to be more than 5, 000 year old, and even Adi Shankara Charya vis­ited this tem­ple in 8th cen­tury be­fore head­ing for Kedar­nath. There are 101 Shiv Lingams at the en­trance premises of tem­ple. As per leg­ends, Lord Rama had wor­shipped Lord Shiva here with thou­sands lo­tus (ka­mal) flow­ers, that’s came the name Kam­lesh­war.

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