(20 MAY — 20 JUNE)

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Au­gust 2016 will be ac­tive and filled with warmth in your re­la­tion­ships. You can ex­pect to grav­i­tate among new groups of peo­ple, where you will find ex­cel­lent sup­port and ful­fil­ment. The Sun’s tran­sit in sex­tile as­pect to your sign un­til the 23rd will make your ex­changes with others flow more eas­ily, but with more sub­stance. Tak­ing a hol­i­day won’t be a lux­ury, as you will have a ten­dency to overdo things if you are work­ing. Mer­cury in square as­pect to your sign will have a ten­dency to make you think too much, with­out gain­ing breadth of vi­sion. Try not to fo­cus on the de­tail! The tran­sit of Venus through Virgo will form a square as­pect to your sign, which could be in dan­ger of caus­ing fric­tion in your love-life, es­pe­cially from the 23rd, the day the Sun is going to join forces with Venus. It will be about re­main­ing in touch with your feel­ings and not let­ting your think­ing pro­cesses take over. Mars in op­po­si­tion to your sign from 3rd Au­gust will push your com­bat­ive streak to the fore, so watch out for con­tro­ver­sial sit­u­a­tions!

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