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Au­gust 2016 is going to en­able you to put an end to sit­u­a­tions which have be­come ster­ile and point­less, by as­sert­ing your de­sire for clar­ity. The nat­u­ral course of events will help you see clearly in ar­eas of con­fu­sion, es­pe­cially in your fi­nances and your love-life. The tran­sit of Venus through your sym­bolic Twelfth House un­til 5th Au­gust will make this a pos­si­bil­ity. Venus is then going to tran­sit your own sign and lead you into a phase of good for­tune which won’t be neg­lige­able. Fi­nan­cial trans­ac­tions will be eas­ier and your love-life will be able to take off in a pos­i­tive way. You will au­to­mat­i­cally be more self-con­fi­dent, know­ing how to smooth things over in a charm­ing way as you go along, in or­der to per­suade your part­ner to de­sire what you your­self want to ex­pe­ri­ence. Mars in the con­stel­la­tion of Sagit­tar­ius from the 3rd will form a square as­pect to your sign and this will her­ald a pe­riod of feel­ing at a low ebb where your en­ergy lev­els are con­cerned. You will need to get reg­u­lar rest, so it will be time to look first and fore­most at es­cap­ing, in or­der to get away from a daily rou­tine which will be too re­stric­tive!

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