Many a First – CSIR Lead­ing and Pav­ing Ways

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First to de­velop baby milk pow­der from buf­falo milk with ex­cel­lent di­gestibil­ity First to de­velop in­deli­ble ink used in elec­tion for in­deli­ble mark First to de­velop non-steroidal once a week oral con­tra­cep­tive pill ‘Sa­heli’ for women First to de­velop in­dige­nous trac­tor Swaraj – lead­ing a help­ing hand in the Green revo­lu­tion First ever flow­er­ing of tis­sue-cul­tured bam­boo with dis­cov­ery of one of the small­est pro­tein mol­e­cules – sem­i­nal plas­min First to ex­tract poly-metal­lic nod­ules from the ocean bed First to build an all-com­pos­ite small air­craft (Hansa) and 5 seater mul­ti­pur­pose air­craft CNM-5 First of its kind broad spec­trum re­flectance spec­troscopy based con­fo­cal mi­cro­scope us­ing su­per­con­tin­uum light source First in the world bio pro­cess­ing tech­nol­ogy for leather, lead­ing to par­a­digm shift in leather pro­cess­ing First hand-held bat­tery op­er­ated mi­cro PCR - Patented in over 100 coun­tries First of its kind port­fo­lio of Strep­tok­i­nase – a vi­tal, life saver in­jectable drug for car­diac prob­lems First of its kind DNA based Macro Chip for de­tec­tion of eye in­fec­tions Cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent or­gan­isms in one test within seven to eight hours, as com­pared to the con­ven­tional 3-7 days

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