(20 MARCH — 19 APRIL)

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The gen­eral sit­u­a­tion will shake you up con­sid­er­ably and you will find it quite dif­fi­cult to keep a cool head. Ev­ery­thing that you had seen as a gain, up till now, will more or less come un­der ques­tion and with­out a doubt, it will be un­com­fort­able. Learn not to clash sys­tem­at­i­cally with those around you and the pro­pos­als on of­fer, as you will not have the last word. Uranus in part­ner­ship with your Sun will lay it on thick re­gard­ing the com­pli­cated as­pects af­fect­ing you di­rectly. You will take refuge in ac­tion and that’s where you are at your best, but don’t try your luck too far. In a few days, you could have the im­pres­sion you haven’t been told ev­ery­thing. Don’t spend with­out think­ing, save on your strength and watch your back. Pro­tect your phys­i­cal in­tegrity by re­spect­ing the speed lim­its. Bend over back­wards and you’ll get through the storm.

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