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You will feel as if you have been there be­fore in terms of what’s hap­pen­ing to you. From the be­gin­ning of the month, Mars and Uranus will gal­vanise you into ac­tion, but you won’t feel any calmer. The large plan­ets will lead you into end­less con­tra­dic­tions and you won’t un­der­stand what you are do­ing there. Doubts, dreams, feel­ings and trou­bles will be your lot, thanks to the po­si­tions of Saturn and Pluto. You’re go­ing to have to deal with this and leave your de­mands and cer­tain­ties aside. Oth­er­wise, you will be strength­ened by this sit­u­a­tion, man­ag­ing to over­come your fears and the un­com­fort­able feel­ing that you have the sword of Damo­cles hang­ing over your head. Don’t look too much in the rear view mir­ror, but per­suade your­self to make plans for the fu­ture. These will have more chances of be­ing re­alised, if you learn to vi­su­alise them and con­sider them as achieved.

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