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With the in­ter­net close at hand, there are a num­ber of dan­ger­ous chal­lenges that teens run against one an­other sim­ply for en­ter­tain­ment. Many par­ents warn their chil­dren about the dan­gers of drugs and al­co­hol. Fewer par­ents, though, know that they should also warn against so­called "games" that are so risky.

Kylie Lip Chal­lenge

The “Kylie Lip Chal­lenge” in­volves grab­bing a shot glass and put­ting your lips in­side it and then suck­ing as hard as you can. It ar­ti­fi­cially plumps your lips and the re­sults are star­tling and dan­ger­ous. Ex­perts say the shot glass can break un­der the pres­sure, re­sult­ing in bro­ken blood ves­sels, re­quir­ing stitches.

Con­dom Chal­lenge

Fill a con­dom with wa­ter like a bal­loon and tie the end, then have one teen drop the con­dom on an­other teen’s head while record­ing the en­tire thing. While some of the re­sults are funny, this chal­lenge has led to hos­pi­tal­i­sa­tions.

The Duct Tape Chal­lenge

A group ducts tape a friend, some­times to a pole and some­times sim­ply stand­ing up with their arms in­ca­pac­i­tated. The taped teen will then try to break free. This chal­lenge re­cently caused one teen to fall and hit his head on a win­dow, lead­ing to a brain aneurysm.

The Cin­na­mon Chal­lenge

This chal­lenge has been cir­cu­lat­ing for a few years and re­quires the teen to swal­low a spoon­ful or more of cin­na­mon without drink­ing any wa­ter. The chal­lenge can cause res­pi­ra­tory and throat is­sues or even things like a col­lapsed lung and chok­ing.

The Chok­ing Game

The “game,” which in­volves teens chok­ing each other to re­duce oxy­gen to the brain un­til the teen faints, has been com­ing around again re­cently. There have been enough deaths that Life­time re­leased a movie to bring more aware­ness to the dan­gers.


This trend had teens par­tic­i­pat­ing in anonymous chat rooms that re­veal ran­dom peo­ple on the other side of the we­b­cam. The game ex­poses teens to preda­tors, sud­den nu­dity, and other things that put them in dan­ger.

The Car Surf­ing Chal­lenge

In this chal­lenge, a teen “surfs” on the roof, bumper, or hood of a car. This game has led to mul­ti­ple deaths and many hor­ri­ble injuries.

The Salt and Ice Chal­lenge

Teens put salt in their hands and then add ice cubes and close their fists around it. The teen who holds the mix­ture the long­est and en­dures the most pain, wins. Re­sult? Sec­ond and third-de­gree burns.

The Eye­balling Chal­lenge

Teens take a shot of hard liquor…into their eye socket. This can cause cornea scar­ring, swelling, ir­ri­ta­tion, and plenty of other is­sues.

Vam­pire Bit­ing

Teens are tak­ing the vam­pire movie rage too far by ac­tu­ally bit­ing one an­other like a modern-day hickey. There are plenty of risks from these bites.

The Snort­ing Chal­lenge

Teens chal­lenge one an­other to snort a va­ri­ety of things into their nose and pull it out from mouth. Items used in­clude con­doms, bal­loons, string, etc. This can

lead to chok­ing and death.

The Ice Bucket Chal­lenge

While the chal­lenge was created to raise aware­ness to the ALS As­so­ci­a­ton, some teens have taken it too far. In­stead of just dump­ing a bucket of wa­ter over some­one, some teens have chugged al­co­hol be­fore do­ing so or over­done the amount of wa­ter and ice. As a re­sult, teens have been knocked out, knocked over, and even got into shock.

The Cold Wa­ter Chal­lenge

This chal­lenge is sim­i­lar to the ice bucket chal­lenge, but it has its dif­fer­ences. In­stead of dump­ing wa­ter over their heads, teens jump into cold bod­ies of wa­ter. Sub­merg­ing into cold wa­ter can lead to hy­pother­mia and other ill­nesses. One teen in Min­nesota par­took of the chal­lenge alone and ended up drown­ing.

The Fire Chal­lenge

In­stead of us­ing wa­ter, some teens put flammable liq­uid on them­selves and then light a match. Haz­ards are ob­vi­ous and range from se­ri­ous sec­ond and third-de­gree burns, and death.

The Ghost Pep­per Chal­lenge

These pep­pers, also called Bhut jolokia, are the hottest in the world. Teens stick the pep­per in their mouths and record their re­ac­tions. This leads to ex­cru­ci­at­ing pain in the mouth, but some peo­ple also get worse re­ac­tions. It can cause nausea, vom­it­ing, and a trip to the hospi­tal.

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