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The ar­ti­cle God or No God gives light to those who think or use their brain and not to those who stopped think­ing. (The believ­ers are those who stopped think­ing) Once the re­li­gion has be­come a pro­fes­sion/busi­ness, the rel­e­vance of God be­came prom­i­nent. As stated in the few log­i­cal ex­am­ples, it is very clear that the very ex­is­tence of God is ques­tion­able to athe­ists. As far as my think­ing goes, it is quite im­pos­si­ble for any power to cre­ate such a vast and di­verse uni­verse. The in­ter­est­ing facts in the phe­nom­e­non of cre­at­ing and re­li­gion is that 1) all re­li­gions came into ex­is­tence at a time when peo­ple were so un­civilised, bar­baric, and at a time there was no lan­guage, no cloth­ing, and no read­ing or writ­ing and no so­ci­ety or laws. 2) Phys­i­cal fea­tures and sex­ual be­hav­iours of an­i­mals and hu­man be­ings are one and the same, if it is a cre­ation of God there should be atleast one or two prom­i­nent dif­fer­ence in these as­pects. 3) In­tel­li­gence is ac­quired grad­u­ally and not a one day’s work of God. 4) Hu­man be­ings take long time to get formed both phys­i­cally and men­tally. 5) The av­er­age life span of an in­di­vid­ual even in 1950 was just 50 years and today it is 80 years that means the so called God could not ex­tend even a day in one’s life which was pos­si­ble only through the find­ings of sci­en­tists and doc­tors in the con­tem­po­rary age. God is just an imag­i­na­tion of peo­ple who be­lieve in his ex­is­tence and not a fact. It can be con­cluded that man created God be­cause of two prom­i­nent rea­sons, 1) Death or fear of Death 2) women (i.e. sen­su­al­ity of man/women). These two as­pects af­fect the be­hav­iour of hu­man be­ings neg­a­tively and fear of God to great ex­tent helps for self dis­ci­pline.

— Jacob K. K.

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