Ma­jor fake news of 2017

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● In the Month of May, ru­mours about child ab­duc­tors in a vil­lage which trig­gered sev­eral lynch­ing’s and deaths of seven peo­ple.

● In Au­gust, news about a gang, chop­ping off women’s braids in North In­dia has spread a lot of panic amongst women.

● Month of Novem­ber was flooded by many fake video’s, one of them showed In­dian Mus­lims burn­ing the Na­tional flag and rais­ing ‘Pak­istan Zind­abad’ slo­gans in Pun­jab.

● An­other video, which again went vi­ral on What­sApp and Face­book, claimed that Pres­i­dent of In­dia was mis­treated by the PM at an IAS of­fi­cer’s daugh­ter’s wed­ding. This was later proved to be false and fake on the sites which dis­closed the true facts.

● Re­cently, news that left ev­ery­one in con­fu­sion was a video that went vi­ral of a hail­storm which claimed to be on Mumbai Pune High­way. Later, even this was one of the fake news, as it was a video from Is­tan­bul, Turkey, which was tweeted ear­lier in July 2017.

● A fake video went vi­ral, which claimed Hindu Mar­wari girl was burnt alive by Mus­lim mob. When found the true facts about the video, it was not even from In­dia, it was from Guatemala.

● Ra­jkot bus stop pic­ture was shared even be­fore the bus stop was con­structed.

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