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Things that may be use­less for the rich may be use­ful for the poor. Many such items are used by the poor as they can­not af­ford pur­chas­ing new one.

Ra­jen­dra, a rag­picker, was pick­ing rags around rail­way track near

Kalyan rail­way sta­tion, as usual. His eyes were minutely ex­am­in­ing the wastes spread here and there for some­thing use­ful for him that can be sold for money. Plas­tic bot­tles, other plas­tic items, pa­per etc. were in de­mand in kabari shop. Even glass bot­tles were money fetch­ing. He was stuff­ing such items in his sack. So he was in search of such items that will fetch him some money. In fact a few items in garbage were bread fetcher for him. His eyes were very cu­ri­ously scan­ning ev­ery­thing there. Sud­denly he ob­served a brown hand bag ly­ing at some dis­tance. “It must be some use­ful thing thrown out by some rich per­son”, he thought. Things that may be use­less for the rich may be very use­ful for the poor. He had re­ceived a pair of sports shoes thrown on garbage dump which was to some ex­tent us­able for him. Again many such items that are thrown by the rich, are used by the poor as they can­not af­ford pur­chas­ing new one.

He strolled fast in the di­rec­tion where the bag was ly­ing, fear­ing other rag­pick­ers may get it, and picked up the bag.

How­ever, no other rag­picker was present there, yet he was not in a mood to lose the bag to any of his com­peti­tors. The bag was in good con­di­tion ex­cept its han­dle, which ap­peared to be torn off due to ex­cess pres­sure. Part of han­dle was still at­tached to the bag. “It may be used by get­ting re­paired by a cob­bler”, he thought. There were three col­umns in the bag. He un­zipped the mid­dle col­umn of the bag, mak­ing sure that no one was watch­ing him. To his sur­prise, there was a lot of money


the bag.

There was a bun­dle of notes kept there. He counted the notes one by one. There were 16 cur­rency notes of Rs. 2000 put at one place. Be­sides two cards were there, one credit card and an­other debit card ly­ing in a beau­ti­ful card holder made of steel and leather. He be­came very happy at least for cur­rency notes be­cause he might have used it very eas­ily. He was aware that cards were not use­ful for him as PIN was needed for us­ing them. At the same time he was not aware of how to use these cards. He has heard that some­one in his vicin­ity was ar­rested by the po­lice for us­ing stolen card of some­one else. There are ways with the po­lice to know where the card was used and with the help of CCTVs they trace the cul­prit. So cards, in his opin­ion were risky to use. Cash and other small items like some cos­met­ics etc. would be very use­ful for his wife.

His heart was filled with joy. He rushed to­wards his home. But sud­denly he stopped. A thought came to his mind. The lady who had lost her bag must be very ag­grieved for this loss. God knows for what pur­pose she had kept such a big amount. May be some­one in need of med­i­cal help or oth­er­wise. Now in lieu of rush­ing to­wards home he di­rected him­self to rail­way sta­tion. The money in the bag was not go­ing to last for ever but he must have guilty feel­ing whole life for keep­ing it with him. He di­rectly went to sta­tion mas­ter’s cabin to de­posit the bag.

He handed over the bag to sta­tion mas­ter and said, “Sir, while pick­ing rags, I have found this ly­ing be­side rail­way track.”

“Okay, please sit down”, said sta­tion mas­ter.

An­other gen­tle­man was also

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