Caste Ro­ta­tion Pol­icy

It is heav­ily needed at present time in or­der to en­sure fare and pro­por­tional ben­e­fit to all the castes and classes get­ting reser­va­tions in In­dia.

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n or­der to en­sure the pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion of SCs/STs, pro­vi­sion of ed­u­ca­tion, em­ploy­ment and po­lit­i­cal reser­va­tion to the so­cial and ed­u­ca­tion­ally back­ward castes was made in the Con­sti­tu­tion of In­dia. Un­der which the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of Sched­uled Castes/Sched­uled Tribes was re­served in the Lok Sabha, Leg­isla­tive Assem­blies and Lo­cal Bod­ies. The ques­tion arises that whether all castes of Sched­uled Castes/Sched­uled Tribes are get­ting pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion on re­served seats un­der po­lit­i­cal reser­va­tion or the ben­e­fit of reser­va­tion is con­stricted up to se­lec­tive castes only?

From the be­gin­ning of the po­lit­i­cal reser­va­tion in the Lok Sabha and the Leg­isla­tive Assem­blies, it seems that the po­lit­i­cal reser­va­tion is not for SCs/ STs, it is for se­lec­tive in­di­vid­ual, se­lec­tive castes and se­lec­tive fam­i­lies and also seems that re­served seats have been al­lot­ted per­ma­nently to a few in­di­vid­u­als, few fam­i­lies and few se­lec­tive castes, they are re­peat­edly elected to the Par­lia­ment or Leg­isla­tive Assem­blies, which is against the pol­icy of pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tion of SCs/STs en­shrined in the In­dian con­sti­tu­tion.

Po­lit­i­cal reser­va­tion

The re­spon­si­bil­ity of the SCs/STs rep­re­sen­ta­tives to be elected from the seats re­served for the pur­pose of po­lit­i­cal pro­tec­tion was to be guarded to pro­tect the rights of sched­uled castes/ tribes in the Lok Sabha and the Leg­isla­tive Assem­blies. But their rep­re­sen­ta­tives ig­nored their rights by which de­pri­va­tion of Sched­uled Caste/Tribes rights, atroc­i­ties and ex­ploita­tion con­tin­ued to grow. In spite of this, they re­main a silent spec­ta­tor in the Par­lia­ment and Leg­isla­tive Assem­blies rep­re­sent­ing their peo­ple. The re­al­ity is that they be­come a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of their po­lit­i­cal par­ties, not be­ing a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the sched­uled castes/tribes. Thus, po­lit­i­cal reser­va­tion in the name of the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of sched­uled castes/ tribes has been be­com­ing a joke.

The self-styled Ambed­karists of sched­uled caste/tribe are curs­ing Manuism and Brah­man­ism, want de­struc­tion of castes, and equal­ity and brother­hood. Re­gard­less, its sched­uled castes and sched­uled tribes are stick­ing to their great faith and mov­ing the legacy of caste for­ward. The self-styled Ambed­karists, whose in­vo­ca­tion of the con­sti­tu­tion on the mat­ter, are so­cially in­fe­rior and are limited to their own caste. Day and Night they shout Jai Bhim and Ambed­kar; but the idea of abol­ish­ing the caste sys­tem pro­posed by Dr Ambed­kar didn’t bring any change to them at all.

The so called helms­man of so­cial jus­tice, who reached the Par­lia­ment and the Leg­isla­tive Assem­blies from re­served seats, never raised their voices in the Par­lia­ment and the Leg­isla­tive Assem­blies, against the in­hu­man prac­tice of man­ual scav­eng­ing. Sit­u­a­tion of man­ual scav­engers in the coun­try to­day is like slave and bonded labors and their rep­re­sen­ta­tive are re­spon­si­ble for it. Apart from clean­ing pro­fes­sion, there are many castes came un­der sched­uled castes, which are wait­ing for their

rep­re­sen­ta­tion till date in par­lia­ment and leg­isla­tive assem­blies un­der po­lit­i­cal reser­va­tion. Will these peo­ple only do­ing clean­ing works gen­er­a­tion af­ter gen­er­a­tion? Don’t they have any right to get any work of hon­our?

The ridicu­lous­ness of po­lit­i­cal par­ties is that no party has been able to make a po­lit­i­cal is­sue of man­ual scav­eng­ing and no party has both­ered to in­clude it in its elec­tion man­i­festo. In the name of SC/ST rep­re­sen­ta­tion, those who reached Par­lia­ment and Leg­isla­tive Assem­blies from re­served seats did not make any ag­i­ta­tion on grass­roots level to end the tainted and in­hu­man acts like man­ual scav­eng­ing. Present reser­va­tion pol­icy has been un­suc­cess­ful in pro­tect­ing the rights of Dalits, es­pe­cially the com­mu­ni­ties con­nected with clean­ing oc­cu­pa­tion. In place of "Sep­a­rate Elec­torate" in Poona Pact be­tween Dr Ambed­kar and Gandhi, the present Joint Elec­tion Sys­tem has been proved to be a com­plete fail­ure in ful­fill­ing the pur­pose of reser­va­tion.

Tor­ture and ex­ploita­tion

In spite of reser­va­tion, the so­cial and eco­nomic sta­tus of the Dalits reaches worse to worst. Tor­ture and ex­ploita­tion have in­creased. One side, Dalits are be­ing killed, Dalit women are be­ing raped, Dalit are do­ing man­ual scav­eng­ing, Dalits are dy­ing in gut­ters, Dalits are be­ing burned alive, mil­lions of Dalit chil­dren are with­out schools and other side so called Dalit rep­re­sen­ta­tives and lead­ers are liv­ing life like a king.

Even though Dr Ambed­kar had es­tab­lished con­sti­tu­tional par­lia­men­tary democ­racy by eras­ing the rule of Crown (Taj) and Sword (Tal­war) but so called Ambed­krists and Dalit lead­ers were seen wear­ing crown of gold and di­a­monds and wav­ing sword on public plat­forms. The so-called Dalit rep­re­sen­ta­tives have be­come wealth­ier and are emerg­ing as new royals among the self-pro­claimed mes­siah of the Dalits.

In view of the func­tion­ing and per­for­mance of the Dalit rep­re­sen­ta­tives in the par­lia­ment and state assem­blies since in­de­pen­dence, it is a de­mand of time that a "Caste Ro­ta­tion Pol­icy" should be framed for equal and pro­por­tional rep­re­sen­ta­tions of all the sched­uled castes and tribes. Un­der the caste ro­ta­tion pol­icy, there should be a law for the all re­served con­stituen­cies re­strict­ing the rep­e­ti­tion of same caste rep­re­sen­ta­tive ev­ery time.

Dr Bhim Rao Ambed­kar.

Man­ual scav­eng­ing is still be­ing done by Dalits par­tic­u­larly.

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