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Present day Gym of­fer many fa­cil­i­ties for health con­scious peo­ple, in­clud­ing car­dio, fat loss pro­gram, weight gain pro­gram and over all con­trol of your health.

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Pas­sion is that emo­tion which gives you the strength to sur­vive the tribu­la­tions of life and con­tinue to aim for the ul­ti­mate goal you’ve set for your­self. A life with­out pas­sion is a life wasted. Pas­sion need not be nec­es­sar­ily big—it can be some­thing as com­pli­cated as want­ing to land on the moon to some­thing as sim­ple as read­ing. In this spec­trum, my pas­sion falls some­where in the mid­dle. I would like to open a chain of state-of-the art gym­na­sium all over the coun­try.

Why is it im­por­tant to be healthy?

How of­ten we see peo­ple who have a tough time try­ing to reach their toes. Ev­ery day, we no­tice at least one ‘all-rounder’ who huffs and puffs to climb that one floor to their home or that one flight of stairs to the plat­form. But, that, is not seen as a sign of be­ing un­healthy—the pant­ing is at­trib­uted to stress, those few ex­tra pounds are char­ac­terised as a ‘sign of the wealthy’.

Let’s look at the rea­sons we would nor­mally cook up when ex­plain­ing our in­abil­ity or un­will­ing­ness to ex­er­cise. These in­clude: Fi­nan­cial con­straints—a gym is too ex­pen­sive I just don’t have the time

I’m fit—I don’t need to ex­er­cise

Ex­er­cise is for the old to keep them­selves fit

I get enough ex­er­cise climb­ing the stairs at my work

I get enough ex­er­cise run­ning af­ter my kids There’s no good gym­na­sium around my place

This list can go on and on, but the truth is, hu­man life will not. Why is it that the av­er­age life ex­pectancy in the US is 86 while it’s some­where around the 70s

in In­dia? The rea­son be­ing, we are not pay­ing enough at­ten­tion to fit­ness regimes. Heart dis­eases, di­a­betes, arthri­tis and so many other dis­eases strike those who are un­fit and obese. Not just that, ex­er­cise boosts im­mu­nity and can keep many dis­eases at bay— in­clud­ing the re­cent and deadly H1N1. Be­sides, ex­er­cise re­lease en­do­morphs—the hor­mone that makes one ‘happy’ and thus re­lieves stress and im­proves men­tal health.

Why is Gym­na­sium a ne­ces­sity?

While some may ar­gue that healthy liv­ing is pos­si­ble even with­out hit­ting a gym, we need to dwell on the prac­ti­cal­ity of such ar­gu­ments. Un­like the US, we do not have spe­cial cy­cling lanes; our of­fices are not equipped with lock­ers and shower-rooms that we can freshen up af­ter walk­ing or cy­cling our way to work. Also, the In­dian weather does not per­mit ex­er­cise all year around— the sum­mers are bad, rainy sea­son has its own woes, and the win­ter is prac­ti­cally nonex­is­tent. Such sce­nar­ios don’t leave much scope for ex­er­cise. This is where a gym can make a dif­fer­ence by pro­vid­ing a con­ducive en­vi­ron­ment for fit­ness.

Present day Gym of­fer many fa­cil­i­ties for health con­scious peo­ple, which in­cludes:- Car­dio strength train­ing, fat loss pro­gram, weight gain pro­gram pro­vid­ing scope for over all con­trol of your health. It is a mat­ter of time and ad­just­ment to your reg­u­lar rou­tine and that helps to come out handy in your life style. Apart from that Yoga, Zumba, Aer­o­bic play a piv­otal role in keep­ing you fit. More over diet coun­selling gives you an ex­tra edge with your reg­u­lar rou­tine of work outs in the gym. Phys­io­ther­a­pist coun­selling pro­vides the much needed con­fi­dence and the wish to stay fit and that will lead to longer life.


I strongly be­lieve that ev­ery in­di­vid­ual has the right to healthy liv­ing. Healthy liv­ing is not a priv­i­lege, but a right. Sadly, how­ever in our coun­try, healthy liv­ing is more like a right of a pocket of peo­ple who are able and will­ing to pay for it. That is the rea­son I want to open a chain of health clubs—to make fit­ness the part of ev­ery In­dian’s life­style. To pro­vide easy ac­cess to su­pe­rior qual­ity, af­ford­able fit­ness regime that will be an in­te­gral part of ev­ery In­di­ans. The life­style will to­tally change and make you more com­fort­able in your fam­ily life also.

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Reg­u­lar ex­er­cise boosts im­mu­nity and can keep many dis­eases at bay.Sweat­ing in a gym.

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