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Re­li­gions are sup­posed to be the guardians of morals. But the guardians of re­li­gions are in­creas­ingly get­ting ex­posed for their moral turpi­tude now-a-days. The charges of mo­lesta­tion, rape and in­tim­i­da­tion of women for sex­ual ex­ploita­tion on the Babas, Maul­vis and Catholic priests are re­ported more fre­quently in the me­dia.

Ear­lier, such al­le­ga­tions used to be sup­pressed and the vic­tims used to suf­fer silently. This was be­cause of the pop­u­lar and po­lit­i­cal sup­port en­joyed by the god­men in high places pro­tected them. The po­lice and other law-en­forc­ing au­thor­i­ties dared not touch them be­cause politi­cians in power pa­tro­n­ised them as their fol­low­ers con­sti­tuted a con­sid­er­able vote bank.

The mega moral scam of god­man Gur­mit Singh Ram Rahim who ran a dera, which be­came a state within the state, was ex­posed. He was pros­e­cuted and pun­ished for rape of his woman fol­low­ers, one of whom who dared to turn against him and some hon­est CBI of­fi­cers and the court stood by the vic­tim. Since then there have been ex­po­sures of sev­eral Hindu god­men, big and small, be­ing pros­e­cuted for run­ning their camps for dis­pens­ing God’s bless­ing and at the same time in­dulging in crim­i­nal ac­tiv­i­ties and sent to jail.

As for Is­lam with its in­built gen­der ex­ploita­tion such as polygamy and in­stant di­vorce, crime against women are rarely re­ported. The women are in con­stant threat of le­gal ar­bi­trary di­vorce and do not dare to com­plain.

How­ever there have been re­ports of Maulavis of re­li­gious schools mo­lest­ing girls.

The lat­est ex­po­sure of sex­ual ex­ploita­tion has come out from the Chris­tian clergy who are sup­posed to be so­phis­ti­cated and West­ern. A se­nior nun of the Catholic sect has gone to po­lice for her be­ing raped sev­eral times over a pe­riod by a bishop, Dr.Franco of the Catholic Dio­cese of Ja­lan­dar. The nun said that she had re­ported the mat­ter to the Car­di­nal in Kochi who did not take any ac­tion against the bishop. An­other scam in­volv­ing sev­eral parish priests black­mail­ing women who go for rit­ual con­fes­sion, to get sex­ual favours has been ex­posed in Ker­ala. Ac­cord­ing to Chris­tian re­li­gions prac­tices, pe­ri­od­i­cal con­fes­sion of one’s sins is es­sen­tial be­fore a pri­est and the pri­est is to keep the con­fes­sion a se­cret. The ac­cused priests threat­ened the women of mak­ing their sins public, else they should re­peat the sin with the priests too. Po­lice are look­ing into the com­plaints of the vic­tims.

It all shows the dis­pensers of God’s favours across all re­li­gions have been sex­u­ally ex­ploit­ing women in the name of God.

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