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This has ref­er­ence to the ar­ti­cle ‘Safer cities through en­vi­ron­men­tal de­signs’ (June). De­spite there are cam­paigns world­wide, over ex­ploita­tion of the Earth still con­tin­ues un­abated. It is a mat­ter of con­cern that how long will life ex­ist on Earth if this sit­u­a­tion con­tin­ues. To­day, man is busy ex­plor­ing other plan­ets both within and out­side the so­lar sys­tem to check whether life had ex­ited there ear­lier and can the man in­habit other plan­ets like in Earth. At this point, we need to re­mem­ber one thing that why the Almighty who is sup­posed to have cre­ated the en­tire uni­verse left mil­lions of other big and small plan­ets to go with­out any liv­ing things in it. May be, it is nec­es­sary to main­tain an equilibrium and the sur­vival of this uni­verse. There­fore, man has no au­thor­ity to mid­dle with the nat­u­ral mech­a­nism that keeps things go­ing in this uni­verse. As for the Earth, ev­ery liv­ing be­ing such as hu­man be­ings, birds, an­i­mals, rep­tiles, plants, shrubs and trees etc. are part of it. The life­cy­cle on the Earth is in­com­plete with­out them. Need­less to say that the plants and the trees play a very im­por­tant role in caus­ing timely rain thereby help­ing the agri­cul­ture. The plants re­lease oxy­gen and is help­ful for hu­man be­ings, an­i­mals and other liv­ing or­gan­isms for their sur­vival. Tress are mer­ci­lessly felled to make way for new hu­man set­tle­ments or to set up in­dus­trial houses. This does not mean that there should not be de­vel­op­ment. But it should not be at the cost of the en­vi­ron­ment. Wa­ter bod­ies such as ocean, rivers and canals are turned into dump­ing yards of all sorts of wastes. As if to add fuel to the fire, the harm­ful wastes re­leased into the wa­ter bod­ies from in­dus­trial es­tab­lish­ments are a threat to the or­gan­ism liv­ing there.

In our coun­try, there is no dearth of laws. But the pow­ers be and the au­thor­i­ties mis­er­ably fail to strictly en­force the law and book the erring by im­pos­ing hefty fine and jail term. Oth­er­wise, all our ef­forts to con­serve the Earth and the en­vi­ron­ment will go waste.

— V. K. Ku­mar

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