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SS Tex­tile Me­dia’s 11th edi­tion of Yarnex, Tirupur was quite suc­cess­ful in con­nect­ing yarn and fab­ric man­u­fac­tur­ers with their ex­ist­ing and per­spec­tive clients. With more than 100 com­pa­nies par­tic­i­pat­ing in the fair, many big-level com­pa­nies like Reliance, Vardhman, Arvind, Tri­dent, Grasim, Bhilosa, Wearit Global etc. and sev­eral medi­um­size and emerg­ing com­pa­nies dis­played their latest of­fer­ings and saw good vis­i­ta­tion. With the in­dus­try re­volv­ing around ba­sic fab­rics like cot­ton, PC, mélanges, cot­ton span­dex, it is ev­i­dent that new/in­no­va­tive prod­ucts are of prime in­ter­est at present. In dis­cus­sion with team

Ap­parel On­line, most of the com­pa­nies ex­pressed pos­i­tiv­ity about the busi­ness as they were sure that all the glitches within In­dia and over­seas mar­ket are for short term. Ac­cord­ing to them, the new of­fer­ings in textiles are the key to win over the stag­nant mar­ket.

Keep­ing this per­spec­tive in mind, sev­eral in­ter­est­ing in­no­va­tions by com­pa­nies were wit­nessed at the event and were highly ap­pre­ci­ated by the visi­tors. Fo­cus­ing on blended fi­bres like in­ter­min­gled in­jec­tion slub with Neps, Jaspe with Neps etc., Win­some Tex­tile In­dus­tries Lim­ited, Chandi­garh had good vis­i­tor foot­fall. Vipin Bathla, VP-Mar­ket­ing of the com­pany shared, “Fair proved re­ally good as we met many prospec­tive visi­tors. Buy­ers are look­ing for cheap­est avail­able prod­ucts but they should look and work good also, so our in­no­va­tions are wor­thy.” This price pres­sure has forced com­pa­nies to come up with cost-ef­fec­tive prod­ucts and some of the com­pa­nies did it nicely. Pu­nit Chandr Arora, AGM – Mar­ket­ing – Fab­ric of Maral Over­seas Lim­ited, Noida in­formed, “Some of the fab­ric struc­tures which were ear­lier used to knit us­ing jacquard ma­chines had higher pro­duc­tion cost. We have, there­fore, now devel­oped such par­tic­u­lar fab­ric on nor­mal ma­chines so that knit­ting cost comes down to nearly Rs. 70 per kg. These fab­rics are not jacquard but look com­pletely like jacquard.” Maral Over­seas Lim­ited, pro­duc­ing 100% cot­ton, PC, cot­ton modal, value added yarns, came up with miyabi fi­bres (mod­i­fied acrylic by Mit­subishi

Ja­pan) which are smoother com­pared to many yarns as well as warmer and light weight than wool and also do not cre­ate any itch­ing or dis­com­fort. The com­pany is also work­ing on hol­low polyester which has bet­ter wick­ing ef­fect in sportswear. Ran­jit V.V, Man­ager – Mar­ket­ing of the com­pany shared his views about the de­mand, “In South In­dia, PC (40:60) is a reg­u­lar prod­uct but since last few months, de­mand is more for blends like cot­ton modal, cot­ton vis­cose. Even in 100% cot­ton, we are ob­serv­ing de­mand for value-added yarns like or­ganic, BCI, Fair Trade.” Alok In­dus­tries Lim­ited, Mum­bai, which par­tic­i­pated in this event for the first time, also high­lighted some in­no­va­tive prod­ucts, while sev­eral of its prod­ucts are in un­der-de­vel­op­ment stage which are tar­get­ing mainly the Gen Next. Su­nil Kr­ish­nan,

VP, HOD, Knits Mar­ket­ing of the com­pany in­formed, “Some of our new of­fer­ings are go­ing to com­mer­cial­ize in the next six months while few will take one year or even more. We had meet­ing with the world’s top raw ma­te­rial sup­pli­ers and we are on track to bring in fash­ion­able ap­parel fab­ric which are com­fort­able and at the same time add value for the wearer. One ex­am­ple of such fab­ric is cool black which keeps the wearer cool even in the sun de­spite wear­ing black colour gar­ments.” Fur­ther­more, the com­pany is work­ing on fab­rics which have in­her­ent stretch as gen­er­ally for stretch, one has to use span­dex or ly­cra. But this up­com­ing fab­ric will have in­her­ent stretch with­out ly­cra. This prod­uct will have price ad­van­tage and stretch will last life­long. Sim­i­larly keep­ing ath­leisure in mind, the com­pany is work­ing on fash­ion prod­ucts tar­geted for this cat­e­gory (with the use of ny­lon).

Mélange yarns were also a dom­i­nant fea­ture at the fair, espe­cially at the booths of top com­pa­nies. As usual, Tri­dent Group, Lud­hi­ana had a beau­ti­ful booth with fo­cus on this yarn (Lo­tus brand). With re­spect to mélange yarns, Tri­dent of­fers 100% cot­ton, 100% vis­cose and blend of cot­ton with polyester, vis­cose, modal, ten­cel, wool, flex, ly­ocell etc. Ashish Ahuja, CEO, Yarn Mar­ket­ing of the com­pany shared, “Tirupur, espe­cially the ex­port seg­ment, is a ma­jor mar­ket for mélanges. So we are fo­cus­ing on the same.” He fur­ther added that as the last cot­ton sea­son was se­vere for gar­ment man­u­fac­tur­ers due to ab­nor­mal prices right from the be­gin­ning of the sea­son while yarn prices in Bangladesh, China were far more com­pet­i­tive, this cre­ated is­sues for 100 per cent cot­ton-based gar­ments and hence blends be­came even more im­por­tant. But now as cot­ton prices are drop­ping again, things will set­tle down again and shift to 100 per cent cot­ton. But, in fancy seg­ment, there is an in­creas­ing trend of blended yarns due to fash­ion­wear/wom­enswear. Tri blend, even poly-vis­cose, is now in fash­ion in knit­ted seg­ment. This is how the trend is chang­ing.

Known for man-made cel­lu­lar seg­ment pre­dom­i­nantly vis­cose, modal, ten­cel etc., Pallavaa Group, Erode is ex­pand­ing into mélanges and dop dyed prod­ucts and part­ner­ing with Grasim in­dus­tries for the same. “We see a lot of fu­ture in this seg­ment. We are rea­son­ably happy with the pace of in­dus­try’s growth in man-made seg­ment,” shared Du­rai Palanisamy, ED of the Group. He fur­ther added that in South

Not only were new of­fer­ings the fo­cus point of yarn and tex­tile com­pa­nies, but even some of the top com­pa­nies con­firmed Ap­parel

On­line that they are plan­ning to ex­pand their ca­pac­i­ties. Ex­pan­sions are hap­pen­ing in al­most ev­ery seg­ment – yarn, fab­ric, and pro­cess­ing.

In­dia, the wo­ven seg­ment is in­creas­ing but even­tu­ally the fab­ric is mov­ing to the North and other parts of In­dia and the fin­ished prod­uct is com­ing from there, not only for south­ern con­sump­tion but also for the con­sump­tion by the en­tire in­dus­try in South.

Indo Rama Syn­thet­ics (In­dia) Ltd., Gur­gaon, is also restart­ing dop dyed, bright yarns as cur­rently it is just fo­cus­ing on row white, semi-dull prod­ucts only. Sid­dharth Vohra, AVP-DTY (Do­mes­tic) of the com­pany shared, “We were of­fer­ing the same till few months be­fore but stopped. As now de­mand for spe­cial­ity yarns is in­creas­ing, so within two months or even be­fore, we will be in the mar­ket with these and many new of­fer­ings.”

There is con­sis­tent de­mand for mélange in the in­dus­try and one of the main rea­son for the same is its an­tique look. This is why more and more com­pa­nies high­lighted mélange at the event. But es­tab­lished play­ers saw it is as a pos­i­tive step rather than in­creas­ing com­pe­ti­tion. “In­stead of con­sid­er­ing them as our com­peti­tor, we have to show our strength in how much R&D we are do­ing, how much qual­ity-fo­cused, fash­ion-ori­ented and sus­tain­able we are,” said UF Chan­raj, Sales Man­ager, Amar­jothi Spin­ning Mills, Tirupur. The com­pany high­lighted its fancy yarns as it strongly feels that to sur­vive in the mar­ket, it must offer value ad­di­tion and not just the con­ven­tional prod­ucts. Hav­ing spe­cial­iza­tion in mélange dyed yarns, Sar­man­gal Syn­thet­ics, Pol­lachi has count range from 10s to 50s and is are work­ing with gar­ment ex­porters as­so­ci­ated with top brands of the world. B Nir­mal Jain,

MD of the com­pany re­acts pos­i­tively on the com­pe­ti­tion about mélange yarns. As stated in his own words, “We have com­pet­i­tive edge of quick de­liv­ery (shorter lead time) com­pared to any big gi­ant. We also have hands-on man­age­ment for this and lot of flex­i­bil­ity for ease of our clients.” Hav­ing spe­cial­iza­tion in fancy yarns,

PP Yarn Agen­cies, Delhi has also come up with me­tal­lic yarn re­quir­ing very fine gauge which is quite ideal for cir­cu­lar knit­ting, espe­cially for ex­porters. Aakash Pod­dar, Direc­tor of the or­ga­ni­za­tion avers, “This new of­fer­ing is very smooth due to fine de­nier which also in­creases its length. Some of our fancy yarns are also vi­able for em­broi­dery (cord­ing at­tach­ment).” Sim­i­larly, it also works on multi-shades in space dyed. The com­pany also of­fers cus­tom­ized yarns. Fur­ther it is plan­ning to offer fire re­tar­dant yarns in a big way.

Cot­ton ny­lon, cot­ton silk, cot­ton wool blends etc. of Vardhman Textiles Ltd. were highly ap­pre­ci­ated by the visi­tors. The com­pany dis­played huge range of its prod­ucts. Its agent for South In­dia,

B. Balusamy, Direc­tor, Royal Yarns Coim­bat­ore, Tirupur shared that only few of the com­pa­nies can do some of the in­no­va­tive blends like cot­ton ny­lon and they have ex­per­tise in such in­no­va­tive blends. Their clients ex­plore fur­ther op­por­tu­ni­ties by us­ing these blends. He fur­ther added that the in­creas­ing trend of man­u­fac­tur­ing high fash­ion gar­ments in Tirupur is also mo­ti­vat­ing the man­u­fac­tur­ers to ex­plore new blends which are the strength of Vardhman.

Sid­dharth Vohra (L) AVP – DTY (Do­mes­tic) and S Dhanasekaran, Asstt. Man­ager –Mar­ket­ing (DTY), Indo Rama Syn­thet­ics (In­dia) Ltd

B. Balusamy, (L) Direc­tor, Royal Yarns Coim­bat­ore and Ra­jeev Menon, Asst. Ex­ec­u­tive (Sales), Vardhman Textiles Ltd.

Team of The Laskhmi Mills Com­pany Lim­ited, Coim­bat­ore. The com­pany with over 1,30,000 spin­dles of­fers large va­ri­ety of yarns and fab­rics

Mo­hit Soni (L) Pres­i­dent – Pa­per, Chem­i­cal, Yarn & Home Tex­tile; and Ashish Ahuja, CEO, Yarn Mar­ket­ing, Tri­dent Group

UF Chan­raj, Sales Man­ager, Amar­jothi Spin­ning Mills

B Nir­mal Jain, MD, Sar­man­gal Syn­thet­ics

Aakash Pod­dar, Direc­tor, PP Yarn Agen­cies

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