‘The Bio Clean’ plan­ning to grow in gar­ment ex­port

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The Bio Clean, a Chen­nai-based ex­pert gar­ment wet/dry pro­ces­sor, which started gar­ment ex­port al­most a year back, is in­creas­ing its fo­cus on the lat­ter. Happy with the re­sponse re­ceived in the first year of gar­ment ex­port,

M. Sak­thi, Direc­tor of the com­pany averred,

“In our pro­cess­ing busi­ness, we are fo­cus­ing on sus­tain­abil­ity right from shade match­ing to proper and dif­fer­ent kinds of fin­ish. It is help­ing us get many good or­ders and we are over­booked. So, we are shift­ing fo­cus to gar­ment­ing which is again a prof­itable op­tion. With re­gard to our gar­ment ex­port, gar­ments are be­ing out­sourced and sup­plied to three buy­ers. As we are al­ready cover­ing knits and wo­ven gar­ments along with denim, we are plan­ning to in­crease our ex­port. Both our pro­cess­ing busi­ness as well as ap­parel ex­port will con­tinue hand-in-hand.”

Started in 1990 and work­ing with many top ex­porters, the com­pany has a pro­cess­ing unit which is com­pli­ant and ap­proved by VF Corp., Zara. It is nom­i­nated by G-Star and s.Oliver.

Its leather di­vi­sion is also ap­proved by Zara. “We can process from fi­bre to gar­ment and with spe­cial­iza­tion in denim, we are pas­sion­ate about it. Cur­rently we have a ca­pac­ity of

6,000 pair of jeans per day while for reg­u­lar gar­ments, our ca­pac­ity is 18,000 pieces per day,” con­cluded Sak­thi.

M. Sak­thi, Direc­tor, The Bio Clean Ji­ten­dria, son of M. Sak­thi, who joined busi­ness two years ago af­ter his en­gi­neer­ing, is han­dling the gar­ment ex­port mainly. He is adding new buy­ers from Uruguay which is also a new mar­ket for The Bio Clean.

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