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Ex­plor­ing the sar­to­rial essence of the Hawai­ian Is­lands of Maui & Oahu

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Say ‘Hawaii’ and the mind con­jures up images of the ocean, lush green­ery, surf, sand, pris­tine beaches and of course, Hawai­ian shirts; but noth­ing you read or hear pre­pares you for the breathtaking beauty of the Is­lands. The 50th state of USA is a sparkling gem in Oceana. Away from main­land USA, its spec­tac­u­lar scenery, lush flora and fauna and dis­tinctly beau­ti­ful to­pog­ra­phy makes it one of the most cov­eted va­ca­tion des­ti­na­tions in the world, amongst the af­flu­ent classes of dif­fer­ent na­tion­al­i­ties. As the wa­ters of the Pa­cific Ocean ac­quire dif­fer­ent shades, from blue to aqua­ma­rine to emer­ald; and lush rain­forests and ex­tinct vol­ca­noes dot the land­scape; Hawaii seems like par­adise on earth, a place which makes one re-af­firm that there is truly a God up there, for no man-made thing can ever be as beau­ti­ful! Apart from its renowned nat­u­ral beauty, Hawaii has a dis­tinct Poly­ne­sian cul­ture of its own in which the ubiq­ui­tous Hawai­ian shirt, also known as the ‘Aloha shirt’ plays an im­por­tant role.


The Aloha shirt de­rives its name from ‘Aloha,’ a very com­monly used word in Hawaii, The word ‘Aloha’ in the Hawai­ian lan­guage means ‘af­fec­tion,’ ‘peace,’ ‘com­pas­sion’ and ‘mercy’ and it is also used as an English greet­ing to say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye.’ A no­tice­able sight to those who have just put foot on Hawai­ian soil is the strik­ing co­he­sion in the at­tire of the tourists and lo­cals, in which the Aloha shirt ac­quires pride of place. Made from cot­ton in dif­fer­ent hues of bright yel­low, sun­set red, deep blue, aqua­ma­rine and other bright colours, the dress shirts have scenic gems of the Hawai­ian land­scape splashed onto them, giv­ing them a dis­tinct iden­tity and are col­lared and short sleeved. With but­tons go­ing up to the chest and some­times even up to the en­tire length of the dress shirt, they also have a left chest pocket sewn in, en­sur­ing that the printed pat­tern re­mains con­tin­u­ous. Aloha shirts can be

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