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CMAI’s 62nd Na­tional Gar­ment Fair was the most an­tic­i­pated Two-Day Event for the Ap­parel In­dus­try. The stage was set, the Ex­cite­ment Lev­els were at an All Time High, Ex­hi­bi­tion Cen­tre, NSE Com­plex, Gore­gaon (E), Mum­bai, on Jan­uary 27, 2016.

Kashmira Mirza and Meryl D’sa give a Com­pre­hen­sive Re­port of the Two Days of the NGF. Pho­to­graphs: Suresh CG, Ma­jor Masih and Ra­jesh Terekar.

As the New Year dawned, the Ap­parel In­dus­try was abuzz with talk about CMAI’s much-awaited 62nd Na­tional Gar­ment Fair. Spread over an area of 1,75,000 sq. ft., Hall I of the Bom­bay Ex­hi­bi­tion Cen­tre was full of ac­tiv­ity as the Fair started off at 10.45 AM with Mr Rahul Me­hta, Pres­i­dent, CMAI, giv­ing a key­note ad­dress in which he gave an overview of the Fair and wel­comed Dr Kavita Gupta, IAS, Tex­tile Com­mis­sioner, Min­istry of Tex­tiles, Govt. of In­dia.

THE IN­AU­GU­RA­TION In her in­au­gu­ral speech, Dr Gupta con­fi­dently stated that the Tex­tile Min­istry fully sup­ports the Gar­ment Sec­tor and will do ev­ery­thing it can to pro­mote the In­dus­try. She added that the fo­cus area should be the last seg­ment of the tex­tile value chain. She also spoke about GST and ATUFS and the ben­e­fits that would be de­rived from them. She elab­o­rated on the spe­cial fo­cus of the Min­istry of Tex­tiles on the gar­ment sec­tor, and also on soft­ware and cod­i­fy­ing ma­chiner­ies. She wished that max­i­mum busi­ness would take place in th­ese two days, and em­pha­sised the im­por­tance of brand­ing.

Dr Gupta was pre­sented with a shawl by Mr Ashok Shah, Chair­man, Fair Sub-Com­mit­tee, CMAI. She re­leased the Fair Direc­tory, post which, she in­au­gu­rated the Fair by light­ing the tra­di­tional lamp and cut­ting the cer­e­mo­nial rib­bon. Af­ter the in­au­gu­ra­tion, es­teemed mem­bers of CMAI, namely, Mr Ra­jesh Masand, Vice Pres­i­dent, CMAI; Mr Ro­hit Mun­jal, Joint Chair­man, Fair Sub­Com­mit­tee and Mr Mo­han Sad­hwani, Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor, CMAI, ac­com­pa­nied Dr Kavita Gupta as she vis­ited var­i­ous stalls like Ciara, Touch, OKS Boys, Om­tex, May­back, Spenta Mul­ti­me­dia, Jy­oti, O2xy­gen, Grasim In­dus­tries Ltd. and Oil & Grease, and in­ter­acted with the ex­hibitors. Post the in­ter­ac­tion with the ex­hibitors, Dr Kavita

Gupta had a very in­for­ma­tive and in­ter­est­ing me­dia in­ter­ac­tion. Speak­ing to she said, “The prod­ucts dis­played here are ex­cel­lent and the Fair gen­er­ates a lot of B2B busi­ness. So, I hope that even this Fair usu­ally gen­er­ates a lot of B2B busi­ness be­cause peo­ple get an op­por­tu­nity to di­rectly in­ter­face with a lot of th­ese brands. Some of the In­dian brands are very well-known but there are oth­ers that are not very well-known but have very good prod­ucts and de­signs. I see that there is a won­der­ful op­por­tu­nity to pro­mote th­ese brands; the NGF is a great plat­form for th­ese brands.” by CMAI was very ev­i­dent from the reg­is­tra­tion process it­self, and the ex­cite­ment amongst the ex­hibitors and vis­i­tors was pal­pa­ble from the start. A blood do­na­tion drive in as­so­ci­a­tion with the Tata Me­mo­rial Hos­pi­tal was a unique ini­tia­tive or­gan­ised by CMAI and was met with a lot of en­thu­si­asm by the par­tic­i­pants.

There were 283 stalls dis­play­ing over 330 brands. The max­i­mum size of the stalls was 48 sq. me­tres and no dec­o­ra­tions were per­mit­ted in the stalls. Men’s, women’s and kids’ wear brands par­tic­i­pated in this edi­tion of the NGF. There were many first-time par­tic­i­pants also. Pooja Arora from Kalyani and Maow said, “We like the Fair; it is bet­ter than what we were ex­pect­ing. We have got a good re­sponse from this Fair. We are def­i­nitely ben­e­fit­ing from this Fair.” San­jay Ba­tra from


DAY ONE As with the ear­lier edi­tions of the NGF, this time too, the ex­cel­lent or­gan­is­ing and plan­ning done A BLOOD DO­NA­TION DRIVE IN AS­SO­CI­A­TION WITH TATA ME­MO­RIAL HOS­PI­TAL WAS A UNIQUE INI­TIA­TIVE OR­GAN­ISED BY CMAI AND WAS MET WITH A LOT OF EN­THU­SI­ASM BY THE PAR­TIC­I­PANTS. Ol­izo, said, “This is a good Fair, the or­gan­is­ing and plan­ning is good. We are here to find new cus­tomers. How­ever, we have heard that the June-July Fairs are a lot more hap­pen­ing than this Fair. We are from the ex­port seg­ment and the Fair gives us in­sights into the do­mes­tic mar­ket. So, this Fair makes for a good plat­form.”

The reg­u­lar par­tic­i­pants of the Fair were very happy with the or­gan­is­ing and plan­ning of this Fair. Speak­ing to Ra­jiv Gala from Anora, said, “The Fair is pretty good. It is a very big


con­tracts at ev­ery level—spin­ners, weavers, pro­ces­sors, re­tail­ers as well as the brands. This Fair will ben­e­fit us in the sense that many man­u­fac­tur­ers visit this Fair and it is a good plat­form to make them aware of the qual­ity of the fab­rics and gar­ments—like what fab­ric should one go for, what qual­ity is good, etc. Once they are made aware, we can help them with where to get th­ese gar­ments from, as well.” Speak­ing to Ap­parel, Mr Ro­hit Mun­jal, Jt. Chair­man, Fair Sub-Com­mit­tee, said, “Retail mar­kets all over In­dia have not been very good. We have more par­tic­i­pants than the 60th NGF but not very sig­nif­i­cantly high. The area is about 15 per cent more than the 60th NGF. We are ex­pect­ing deal­ers from Maharashtra, Gu­jarat, Mad­hya Pradesh and Kar­nataka, i.e., the states which are close by.”

As Day One ended on an up­beat note, there was op­ti­mism amongst all con­cerned that the 62nd NGF shall bring about a new be­gin­ning for the Ap­parel In­dus­try. and use­ful plat­form. We have been par­tic­i­pat­ing for the past eight years now. We are here for net­work­ing, to build-up new clients and for big­ger ex­po­sure, and we be­lieve that the Fair will help us achieve that. CMAI has done a lot of hard work and the Fair has im­proved in the last two years.” Af­ter a year full of chal­lenges, the ex­hibitors were look­ing at bring­ing fresh ideas to the ta­ble in this NGF. Speak­ing to Ap­parel, Ra­jesh Relekar from (Liva) Grasim In­dus­tries Ltd., said, “We are from the fi­bre in­dus­try. When you talk of the whole sup­ply chain, from fi­bre to gar­ment­ing, we have


Speak­ing to Ap­parel, Mr Ra­jesh Masand, Vice Pres­i­dent, CMAI, said, “We have got more stalls as com­pared to the 60th NGF. I would say that it will not be a very boom­ing Fair, con­sid­er­ing the mar­ket sce­nario but since we all are un­der one um­brella, cus­tomers will come in and the book­ings will be de­cent.” Ap­parel also spoke to the buy­ers who had come to visit the NGF. Su­mit from Panorama Retail Out­let, Kalyan, said, “I have a gar­ment retail out­let and I am look­ing for men’s and women’s wear. This is a good Fair, in terms of the col­lec­tions dis­played, new trends in the mar­ket, etc.” Megha, from Ray Bou­tique, Mum­bai, said, “We have been around and this is a good Fair as we get to see dif­fer­ent col­lec­tions.”

All in all, both the days of the Fair re­ceived good foot­falls. On Day Two, as the cur­tains came down on the 62nd NGF at 9 PM, the ex­hausted yet happy faces of the par­tic­i­pants told the tale of the suc­cess of the Fair. As a dif­fi­cult year passed by and with the Ap­parel In­dus­try look­ing for a fil­lip, it can be safely said that the NGF acted as a game changer. Speak­ing fur­ther on the topic of End of Sea­son Sales, he elab­o­rated, “The EOSS is help­ful for brands like us. For ex­am­ple, if our stocks are not com­pletely sold out, the EOSS be­comes very use­ful. Right now, cus­tomers are wait­ing for the EOSS so that they can buy prod­ucts at dis­counted prices, which works for us. But, at the same time, if it can be cur­tailed, the cus­tomers will not wait for dis­counts and buy prod­ucts at their full price, which would be even bet­ter for us.” Vishal from Ma­hek Baby, said, “This is a very good Fair. We have got a good re­sponse and it is ben­e­fit­ing us. It has been or­gan­ised well. We are here mainly for ad­ver­tis­ing and brand­ing.” Ro­hit Gandhi from Mi­tushi and Rovers, said, “The Fair is or­gan­ised and main­tained very well but I think the foot­fall is low com­pared to the June Fairs, and we are set for the first time here, so over­all, we have got a very good re­sponse. Our ex­pec­ta­tion is to get good dis­trib­u­tors and whole­salers, which would not be pos­si­ble due to low foot­falls. But we are ex­pect­ing to get some­thing more in the July Fair. We are here for net­work­ing and book­ing.” Buoyed by the en­thu­si­asm of ev­ery stake­holder on Day One, de­spite the dif­fi­cult mar­ket con­di­tions, Day Two be­gan on a pos­i­tive note.

Ap­parel spoke to the par­tic­i­pants and here is what they had to say. Sid­dharth Gupta from Haute Curry, said, “This Fair is a great ex­po­sure for us. At Shop­pers Stop, we have a team of de­sign­ers, buy­ers and more, and so, it is good for us, we can see the trends in the mar­kets, we can fore­cast and know what other fab­rics peo­ple are us­ing, and that helps us. Our brand, Haute Curry, is par­tic­i­pat­ing for the first time. The or­gan­is­ing and plan­ning, the crowd-han­dling is very good. We are look­ing for fran­chises for our brand.”


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