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Apparel - - Contents - Look­ing into the Pan­tone colour pro­file for 2017, A Aletta D'Cruz ex­plains how to wear them with w style and el­e­gance.

Look­ing into Pan­tone's 2017 Colour Pro­file

The sea­son is chang­ing as win­ter slowly fades out, while sum­mer knocks on our doors with warm tem­per­a­tures and a golden heart. While the weather set­tles down into a more sul­try look, it is also time to perk up our wardrobes with new styles and—most im­por­tantly—the fresh colours of Pan­tone's 2017 Spring Re­port.

From shades that standd out strong on their own, to those that bring us closer to na­ture—the colours that Pan­tone has cho­sen for 2017 come with some­thing for ev­ery mood and per­son­al­ity. "Rem­i­nis­cent of the hues that sur­round us in na­ture, our spring 2017 fash­ion color re­port evokes a spec­trum of emo­tion and feel­ing. From the warmth of sunny days with PAN­TONE 130755 Prim­rose Yel­low to the in­vig­o­rat­ing feel­ing of breath­ing fresh moun­tain air with PAN­TONE 18-0107 Kale and the de­sire to es­cape to pris­tine wa­ters with PAN­TONE 14-4620 Is­land Par­adise, de­sign­ers ap­plied colour in play­ful, yet thought­ful and pre­cise com­bi­na­tions to fully cap­ture the prom­ises, hope and trans­for­ma­tion that we yearn for, each spring said leatrice eise­man, ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of the pan­tone color in­sti­tute

This new range of ten colours—namely 'Prim­rose Yel­low, Pale Dog­wood, Hazel­nut, Is­land Par­adise, Green­ery, Flame, Pink Yarrow, Ni­a­gara, Kale and Lapis BlueBlue'—has def­i­nite­lytely se­cured a spot for it­self in the world of fash­ion­sh­ion for the rest of the year, at least. How­ever, we un­der­stand that the sheer va­ri­ety of this bran­drand new colour pal­ette can seem in­tim­i­dat­ing, es­pe­cially as one tries to in­clude it all in theireir daily style directory. Here are a few ideas on how to make the 'not so com­mon' coloursrs of 2017 work for you:


Green­ery— al­lot­ted as the colour of the year by Pan­tone, the com­pany de­scribes the shade as a "tangy yel­low-green that speaks to our need to ex­plore, ex­per­i­mentnt and rein­vent ,speak­ing about this shade,eise­man said, sat­is­fy­ing our grow­ing de­sire to re­ju­ve­nate and re­vi­talise, Green­ery sym­bol­izes the re­con­nec­tion we seek withh na­ture, one an­other and a larger pur­pose.”.”

Green­ery is a pop of colour on this year's pal­ette that not many peo­ple en­vi­sion in their wardrobes. How­ever, the unique­ness of this shade is ex­actly where its strength lies. Use the shade paired with muted tones to cre­ate an out­fit that stands out in both vi­brancy and di­ver­sity.

For those con­fi­dent of the shade, add more of it to your daily fash­ion—mainly in the form of dresses, skirts and sum­mer jack­ets. The un­sure can ease the colour into their lives in the form of ac­ces­sories—jew­ellery, scarves, footwear or any­thing small that will add to the over­all look of your out­fit.


Pan­tone's 2017 colour pal­ette has a range of bold shades for those with an out­go­ing and ex­tro­vert per­son­al­ity. Prim­rose Yel­low, Flame and Pink Yarrow stand out on the pal­ette as fun-lov­ing and eye-grab­bing colours that can be fun to play around with, if styled prop­erly.

Prim­rose Yel­low— the colour of sum­mer is de­scribed by Pan­tone as one which "sparkles with heat and vi­tal­ity." This warm and bright shade is the colour of hap­pi­ness and will ex­ude that emo­tion with floaty sum­mer dresses and flow­ing skirts to help you beat the heat.

Those look­ing for a more sub­dued look can pair Prim­rose Yel­low with muted nude shades of earthy tones. This would work per­fectly well

for those who want to take the safer route while ex­per­i­ment­ing with the shade.

Flame— very true to its name, Pan­tone con­sid­ers this colour "flam­boy­ant and vi­va­cious". This shade is per­fect for those who love drama and en­joy a the­atri­cal en­trance, ev­ery­where they go. The sheer en­ergy that this shade car­ries with it makes it near to im­pos­si­ble to go wrong while styling your­self us­ing this colour.

Be it a ca­sual dress, a power-packed pair of busi­ness trouser or an el­e­gant evening gown, Flame is a shade that will do jus­tice to ev­ery look and make sure that you al­ways stand out in a crowd.

Pink Yarrow— an­other bold and fun shade is this "cap­ti­vat­ing and stim­u­lat­ing colour that lifts spir­its and gets the adren­a­line go­ing," says Pan­tone. Pink Yarrow is an ex­tremely fem­i­nine colour and brings out a sense of el­e­gance.

Like its fun lov­ing coun­ter­parts, be­sides be­ing the per­fect shade for al­most ev­ery oc­cas­sion, this fes­tive shade also works as the per­fect colour for bridal wear, adding a dash of tra­di­tional ver­sa­til­ity.

For those look­ing to slowly ease them­selves into these vi­brant shades can try in­clud­ing ac­ces­sories of these colours to their wardrobe. Belts, shoes, scarves and even purses in these shades will add a dash of an­i­ma­tion to an oth­er­wise plain mono­chrome out­fit.



A large part of the 2017 colour pal­ette is de­fined by colours are rem­i­nis­cent of the var­i­ous hues that sur­round us, in na­ture. Pale Dog­wood, Hazel­nut and Kale rep­re­sent three dif­fer­ent and dis­tinct shades of na­ture—the soft­ness of flow­ers, the neu­tral­ity of the earth and the rich­ness of the for­est, re­spec­tively.

Pale Dog­wood— Pan­tone calls this soft shade of pink a colour that "en­gen­ders an aura of in­no­cence and pu­rity." The shade is ex­tremely sim­i­lar to Rose Quartz—Pan­tone's Colour of the year, 2016—and ex­udes the same amount of fresh­ness and com­fort as its pre­de­ces­sor.

The muted tone of this shade makes it a good choice for both for­mal and ca­sual wear, suit­able to both gen­ders. Ad­di­tion­ally, the shade is ca­pa­ble of stand­ing on its own, just as much as it pairs well with darker tones, for over­all el­e­gance.

Hazel­nut— This colour looks like a mix be­tween a ver­sa­tile pink and a nude beige that brings out the earthy tones in it. "Un­pre­ten­tious and with an in­her­ent warmth," says Pan­tone. The neu­tral­ity of Hazel­nut makes it the per­fect shade for ev­ery sea­son.

The per­son­al­ity of Hazel­nut largely de­pends on how you dress the shade up. This tone has the abil­ity to both stand out as well as blend in, mak­ing it a great op­tion for those who like their clothes to re­flect their moods.

Kale— Sim­i­lar to the khaki green of army uni­forms, Kale is a "lush and fer­tile" shade, ac­cord­ing to Pan­tone. While Kale is a safe shade to be worn on its own, it big­gest ad­van­tage lies in the fact that it teams well with al­most any colour, both vi­brant and neu­tral.

Kale is an­other shade that is gen­der neu­tral and works well with all per­son­al­ity types.

Like their vi­brant coun­ter­parts, the earthy and nat­u­ral hues also work well with ac­ces­sories, es­pe­cially shoes—be it high-heeled pumps or lacy fem­i­nine boots.

Ad­di­tion­ally, de­pend­ing on the fab­ric, all three colours can mir­ror a sense of so­phis­ti­ca­tion, when cho­sen to don evening wear.


Lastly we come to the dif­fer­ent shades of blue in the colour pal­ette for the year. Rang­ing from a muted Is­land Par­adise, to a depend­able Ni­a­gara and an en­er­getic Lapis Blue, Pan­tone's blues are re­fresh­ing and re­lax­ing.

Is­land Par­adise, an in­no­cent and del­i­cate shade is "em­blem­atic of tropical set­tings and our de­sire to un­wind," says Pan­tone. Ni­a­gara, on the other hand, is de­scribed as a "clas­sic denim-like blue that speaks to our de­sire for ease and re­lax­ation." Lapis Blue, the bold­est of them all, is said to be "strong and con­fi­dent—im­bued with an in­ner ra­di­ance." The in­fin­ity of blue as a colour—re­gard­less of its mul­ti­ple hues—makes this colour one of the few that goes well with ev­ery mood, tem­per­a­ment and per­son­al­ity.

Take these shades and make them your own. Be it ca­sual wear, a grand evening gown or a crisp of­fice look—you can­not go wrong with them.

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