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Shell launches new Tel­lus hy­draulic lubes

Shell Lu­bri­cants has launched Shell Tel­lus S2 MX and Tel­lus S2 VX hy­draulic oils in In­dia. In­dia is the first mar­ket where these 2 hy­draulic oils have been launched. Ex­pected to be in­tro­duced in mar­kets like Sin­ga­pore, Thai­land, China, South Korea, Malaysia, In­done­sia, Ger­many, Aus­tralia and France pro­gres­sively, the 2 hy­draulic lubes add to the long legacy of Tel­lus brand of hy­draulic oils which trace their ori­gin to 1947.

Mark­ing a suc­cess­ful jour­ney of 67 years, Tel­lus has de­vel­oped a fam­ily of hy­draulic oils over the years. The oils find use in a di­verse range of in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions in­clud­ing the tip­ping mech­a­nism of tip­pers, and in con­struc­tion and min­ing equip­ment.

Hans Gerdes, Shell Tel­lus Global Brand Man­ager, said, “Over 3.8 bil­lion litres of hy­draulic oil is con­sumed ev­ery year around the world. In­dia was cho­sen for the world pre­miere of the two oils, the S2 MX for sta­tion­ary ap­pli­ca­tions, and the S2 VX for mo­bile ap­pli­ca­tions, since In­dia and China are the two grow­ing mar­kets in the Asia-Pa­cific re­gion, which con­sume 40% of the world’s hy­draulic oils. Of the 40% con­sumed, In­dia ac­counts for 4%. Ex­pected to post a strong growth at a time when China is mod­er­at­ing, ac­cord­ing to Hans, the oils have been de­vel­oped to en­able equip­ment op­er­a­tors to se­lect the fluid that will help to de­liver op­ti­mum value to their op­er­a­tions.

Op­ti­mum value

The 2 new Tel­lus oils mark the upgra­da­tion of the ex­ist­ing range to keep up with the change that the in­dus­try is experiencing in the form of shrink­ing en­gine sizes, shrink­ing reser­voir sizes, grow­ing den­sity, higher op­er­at­ing tem­per­a­tures, and less time for oils to shed the im­pu­ri­ties and air that they would pick up dur­ing the op­er­a­tion.

Akhil Jha, Vice Pres­i­dent Tech­ni­cal, Shell Lu­bri­cants In­dia, said that the oils sup­port higher en­ergy ef­fi­ciency. Tel­lus stood the most stress­ful Bosch Rexroth CRDI 90245 test. “The oils of­fer im­proved wear pro­tec­tion, longer oil life, and greater ef­fi­ciency. They also of­fer CFZG per­for­mance, and help the pump to last longer,” he said.

Stress­ing on the fact that it is the pump in a hy­draulic sys­tem that in­curs the most main­te­nance cost, Jha said that their con­cept was about TCO. Claimed to of­fer 4 times faster air re­lease than other hy­draulic oils, Shell Tel­lus S2 MX and Shell Tel­lus S2 VX are up­graded for­mu­la­tions of Tel­lus S2 M and S2 V, re­spec­tively. “Tel­lus S2 hy­draulic oils have set in­dus­try bench­mark for de­pend­able lu­bri­cants. The re­cent changes in equip­ment tech­nol­ogy and op­er­at­ing con­di­tions have placed in­creas­ing de­mands on the hy­draulic oil. It is be­cause of this that we have de­vel­oped two up­graded for­mu­la­tions of Shell Tel­lus S2 hy­draulic oils to de­liver dra­mat­i­cally im­proved per­for­mance,” Hans said. In In­dia, the com­pany caters to OEMs like Ea­ton, ABB, Alfa Laval, Toshiba, Danielli, Fives, Wind­sor, Rexroth and oth­ers. The com­pany also caters to most of the con­struc­tion and min­ing equip­ment man­u­fac­tur­ers.

Min­ing equip­ment

The S2 VX multi­grade hy­draulic oil is aimed at con­struc­tion and min­ing equip­ment with attention to their chang­ing na­ture. Jha said, “the new hy­draulic oils are fully com­pat­i­ble with pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion Shell Tel­lus S2 hy­draulic oil and most other min­eral oil-based flu­ids in the mar­ket. It will be easy for cus­tomers to in­tro­duce the new for­mu­la­tion to their equip­ment.”

He drew attention to the Tel­lus range play­ing the role of a suc­cess­ful lu­bri­cant part­ner in some of the world’s largest projects; from con­struc­tion of mas­sive tun­nels for the Bei­jing metro to help­ing one of the largest dig­gers in the world like Ko­matsu. “Shell Tel­lus range of Hy­draulic oils have also been used in aid­ing 2 ro­botic arms – ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’, to carry out com­pli­cated pro­cesses in the Fer­rari’s en­gine pro­duc­tion line, among oth­ers,” he said.

Akhil Jha, Vice Pres­i­dent Tech­ni­cal, Shell Lu­bri­cants In­dia and Hans Gerdes, Shell Tel­lus Brand Man­ager unveiling the Shell Tel­lus S2 MX and Shell Tel­lus S2 VX

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