MSC Soft­ware plans to in­crease sup­plier base in In­dia

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The US-based MSC Soft­ware, a simulation soft­ware prod­uct provider for au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try per­ceives huge prospects with In­dian au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try and plans to in­crease its sup­plier base in the coun­try. The com­pany helps the cus­tomers (Tier com­pa­nies and OEMs) to op­ti­mise their de­signs us­ing vir­tual pro­to­types. This im­proves qual­ity, saves time and re­duces costs associated with de­sign and test of man­u­fac­tured prod­ucts.

Srid­hara Dhar­mara­jan, Se­nior Di­rec­tor-In­dia, ASEAN & ANZ, MSC Soft­ware said, “We are an es­tab­lished simulation so­lu­tion provider and our prod­uct is used by 90% of OEMs across the globe and in In­dia. But in­creas­ing the sup­plier base is our tar­get in In­dia. With the emis­sion norms be­ing tight­ened, the av­enues are promis­ing for us. We are strid­ing to hit the BS VI emis­sion norms by 2020 and it is at par with Euro VI norms. To abide by the same a lot of tech­ni­cal in­puts will go in­side the com­po­nent and the lay­out has to be op­ti­mised. But in In­dia, the same so­lu­tions could be pro­vided at a cheaper rate than in Europe. Sup­pli­ers across the globe will start in­vest­ing in the In­dian mar­ket. This is the zone we need to work out and code the simulation so­lu­tions be­spoke to the sup­pli­ers.”

He said that 100’s and 1000’s of sim­u­la­tions will be put to test in ev­ery com­po­nent and the re­sult­ing cal­cu­la­tion helps in de­sign­ing the op­ti­mi­sa­tion. The cost of the prod­uct pro­vided by the com­pany gets dif­fer­en­ti­ated with the sup­plier’s needs. The OEMs need the simulation for the en­tire ve­hi­cle which is not the case with the com­po­nent sup­pli­ers.

To in­crease the sup­plier base in In­dia, the com­pany con­ducts a lot of events. Re­cently the events were con­ducted in Delhi, Gu­ru­gram, Noida and Farid­abad. “We are able to pro­vide e-learn­ing so­lu­tions to our cus­tomers and they could ac­cess that and learn

any­time. Also we have spe­cial pack­age of so­lu­tions for the sup­pli­ers and we could per­son­ally train them,” Dhar­mara­jan said.

The com­pany pro­vides to the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try va­ri­ety of so­lu­tions like strength analysis, acous­tic as­pects and com­fort as­sur­ance. For an in­stance the ex­haust sys­tem will break ei­ther due to struc­tural de­for­mity or ther­mal is­sues. Through the com­pany’s sim­u­la­tions ex­act shape could be ar­rived at in man­u­fac­tur­ing by repli­cat­ing the de­sign­ing di­men­sions. It en­sures that there is no dis­tor­tion, and the ex­haust gas flow is at a de­ter­mined level to avoid ex­cess heat gen­er­a­tion which re­sults in de­for­ma­tion. “We are able to give simulation so­lu­tions for all the com­po­nents. Hith­erto we have not touched upon the elec­tro­mag­netic (High fre­quency) simulation which ex­per­i­ments the IC chips in the cars. This simulation has not so far come un­der the purview but keep­ing this aside we have so­lu­tions for all other things,” he said.

The com­pany has forg­ing so­lu­tions from me­chan­i­cal per­spec­tive. Its prod­ucts will help the en­gine man­u­fac­tur­ers de­sign the com­po­nent in a bet­ter way and check the tol­er­ance limit when high pres­sure is ap­plied on the pis­ton. The com­po­nent de­sign change and the ma­te­rial ra­tio could be de­cided based on the simulation re­sults. In­fra­struc­ture plays a piv­otal role and the per­for­mance of the ve­hi­cle is connected with the same. Fa­tigue cal­cu­la­tion pro­vided by the com­pany’s simulation prod­uct helps the OEMs and the sup­pli­ers to ar­rive at the en­durance needs. The com­pany has tied up with ARAI to ob­tain the road data. The data­base cov­ers the high­ways and coun­try roads. “Frame is the pri­mary part to feel the road con­di­tions and our di­ag­nos­tic so­lu­tions ed­u­cate the man­u­fac­tures well in this area. With the knowl­edge ac­quired by our simulation so­lu­tions the frame de­sign is done by CAD Soft­ware. The ma­te­ri­als and the de­sign are op­ti­mised to sus­tain the road con­di­tions and the simulation process is re­peated un­til the de­sired re­sults. It is equally im­por­tant to make the frame as light as pos­si­ble de­pend­ing on whether it is a car or truck to strike a bal­ance be­tween sus­te­nance and fuel ef­fi­ciency,” Dhar­mara­jan said.

Mul­tidis­ci­plinary Op­ti­mi­sa­tion (MO) is the trend-set­ter in simulation tech­niques. MO will take its role ev­ery­where in the com­po­nent from the se­lec­tion of the ma­te­rial, de­sign, struc­tural analysis, ther­mal analysis, load bear­ing ca­pac­ity and fi­nally re­trieve the most ef­fec­tive com­po­nent model. The simulation provider works on the same with re­spect to ev­ery com­po­nent. In order to de­rive in­puts for the same, the com­pany con­venes ‘cus­tomer ad­vi­sory board’ meet­ing with 15 top cus­tomers fre­quently. The prod­uct heads of all the com­pa­nies give an in­sight of this and these in­puts will help the com­pany to set stan­dards in de­liv­er­ing the prod­uct.

“We had a spec­tac­u­lar growth in the past decade. We have grown 10 times and with the knowhow of the mar­ket our so­lu­tions will be at par with the in­dus­try stan­dards. We await re­sponse from the cus­tomers. The growth is di­rectly pro­por­tion­ate to R&D and we ex­pect a pos­i­tive tick in In­dia with the stage set for new reg­u­la­tions,” Dhar­mara­jan said.

Srid­hara Dhar­mara­jan, Se­nior Direc­torIn­dia, ASEAN & ANZ, MSC Soft­ware

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