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As our long term re­port con­tin­ues and our Dat­sun redi-GO con­tin­ues its jour­neys through the per­ils of the ur­ban jun­gle, I’ve dis­cov­ered new neg­a­tives with the car’s con­struc­tion qual­ity. We do ad­mit that, in or­der for Dat­sun to price the car as a value-for-money propo­si­tion, they had to com­pro­mise but did they go too far? Our car has mostly been sub­jected to the packed-in streets of Delhi, Gur­gaon and Noida. The prob­lem that it brings along is peo­ple and their sheer dis­re­gard for other’s prop­erty. Many times I’ve parked the car and come back, to find peo­ple lean­ing on it and en­joy­ing deep con­ver­sa­tions with their friends. Due to the thin sheet metal that com­pany uses in con­struc­tion, more than half the time I come back to find a new dent or ding around the car. I’ve ex­per­i­mented and even lean­ing still with­out any heavy move­ments is enough to cause them. If this is al­ready wor­ry­ing me in its 6 months of us­age, what would the re­sult be a year down the line? An­other new bother is a new rat­tle which has de­vel­oped in the cabin and look­ing into the mat­ter, I’ve lo­cated the dash­board as the source. While these faults do not re­flect badly in its over­all me­chan­i­cal func­tion­ing, they would def­i­nitely be wor­ri­some if I had to spend a sub­stan­tial chunk of my money buy­ing one brand new. Still be­ing a de­light to drive in traf­fic, I al­ways sug­gest the redi-GO as the per­fect ur­ban crawler but maybe I should start adding a warn­ing to go along.

I need to take my eyes off the road ev­ery­time I need to open the win­dow while driv­ing, thanks to the odd po­si­tion­ing of the switches (above). Stor­age space (be­low) near the charg­ing port is quite use­ful for phones

Karan Mathur Correspondent karan.mathur@in­to­day.com @v8ob­sessed

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