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Third month on with the Ig­nis sees it take on a fairly long high­way journey. The drive from Delhi to Manali in Hi­machal in­cludes flat­lands and ser­pen­tine roads in equal mea­sures thus mak­ing this an ideal prov­ing ground for many pa­ram­e­ters on which we judge a car’s per­for­mance. I’ll be fo­cus­ing on two as­pects that stood out dur­ing this trip.

First, the sus­pen­sion. This is a setup that, like most road cars, fo­cuses on com­fort. The springs are stiffer while the dampers are tuned softer. Cor­ner­ing at mod­er­ate city speeds, they help con­trol ex­cess body roll and ab­sorb road un­du­la­tions mak­ing for a plusher ride. Com­bine this setup with high­way speeds and cor­ner­ing and the sus­pen­sion char­ac­ter­is­tics change. The dampers com­press quickly caus­ing them to bot­tom out and softer re­bound re­sults in ex­ces­sive body move­ment. Sporty driv­ing in the hills then, has to be tamed. Sec­ondly, the gear­box. Quick up­shifts for ef­fi­ciency works well in the city but in the hills, leav­ing the gears to shift au­to­mat­i­cally left me an­noyed to no ends. The con­stant jostling be­tween it want­ing to shift up mid-cor­ner at lower revs while I was look­ing for the lower gear to power out of the cor­ner, ren­dered the use of man­ual mode. Us­ing this gear­box in its se­quen­tial mode not only of­fers bet­ter con­trol over the revs but also adds a bit of fun to the driv­ing. Things how­ever, were more lik­able in the plains. The chas­sis’ high speed straight line sta­bil­ity is com­mend­able and I was mostly in fifth gear so it was best to leave the gear­box in D.


Head­lights of­fer ad­e­quate light throw. Up­grad­ing to white light bulbs within the same wattage should of­fer bet­ter vis­i­bil­ity

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