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The most fu­tur­is­tic fea­ture on the ex­te­ri­ors though is the ab­sence of con­ven­tional rear view mir­rors that are re­placed by vir­tual ex­te­rior mir­rors us­ing cam­eras that project the ex­te­rior im­age on a screen built in on the door trim on ei­ther side. Not only do these cam­eras have an auto mode whereby they zoom out at higher speeds and per­form the tilt func­tion while re­vers­ing, they also elim­i­nate blind spots and with an in­te­grated lower cam­era these also help in pro­vid­ing a 360-deg view when re­quired. The im­age is pro­jected on a touch screen on the door panel trim and this im­age can be zoomed into or ro­tated or oth­er­wise ad­justed us­ing sin­gle or dual touch op­tions like on any touch­screen phone. They are fu­tur­is­tic and fit well on an elec­tric ve­hi­cle that is the com­pany’s first full step into fu­tur­is­tic tech­nolo­gies but also play a more im­por­tant func­tional role in the case of the e-tron. An over­all 0.01 point co­ef­fi­cient of drag re­duc­tion from 0.28 to 0.27 is ef­fected and Audi en­gi­neers be­lieve that ev­ery hun­dredth of a point re­duc­tion in drag re­sults in an ad­di­tional 5km of range on the e-tron. Con­ven­tional rear view mir­rors will con­tinue to be used in mar­kets where they are legally re­quired.

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