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IT IS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR WHEN I, WITH A HEAVY HEART, HAVE TO BID FAREWELL TO MY LONG-TERM Honda CB Hor­net 160R. There are many things I will miss about this naked street com­muter from the Honda sta­ble. The ride and com­fort­able seat for one, the smooth and re­fined en­gine that just purred along with­out any bother, no mat­ter the con­di­tions, be­ing an­other one. Per­son­ally, though, the big­gest fac­tor about the Hor­net that I will miss is def­i­nitely the looks I got while rid­ing around town. The edgy styling and or­ange paintjob gave the bike a de­cid­edly cool ap­pear­ance, and not that wishy-washy un­der­stated stuff ei­ther; no, the Hor­net screams, “Look at me!” from ev­ery an­gle, and I will al­ways love it for that. So, good­bye dear Hor­net, you have been a ca­pa­ble city-com­mut­ing com­pan­ion.

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