K&N Air-fil­ter Main­te­nance

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I wish to know how to main­tain a K&N air-fil­ter. Is it nec­es­sary to buy the whole clean­ing kit? If not, what al­ter­na­tive method can be adopted to clean the air-fil­ter? Is it

pos­si­ble to buy only the oil can and where may I get the same in Mum­bai? The shops that I tried sell only the whole clean­ing kit. Please ad­vise me.

Amit Gupta, Mum­bai

We rec­om­mend that you buy the whole clean­ing kit which comes with proper in­struc­tions to main­tain the air-fil­ter. A proper clean­ing kit will keep the fil­ter clean, which, in turn, will also help the en­gine breathe bet­ter.

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