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The man­i­fold air-pres­sure sen­sor with tem­per­a­ture sen­sor mea­sures the pres­sure and air tem­per­a­ture in the in­take man­i­fold. The vol­ume of air that reaches the en­gine cylin­der can be cal­cu­lated from the mea­sured air pres­sure and the en­gine speed. This in­put vari­able is used to cal­cu­late the amount of fuel that needs to be in­jected.

The mi­crome­chan­i­cal sen­sor con­tains a piezo-re­sis­tive sen­sor el­e­ment, which gen­er­ates a mea­sur­able elec­tri­cal volt­age when pres­sure is ap­plied. This volt­age is then used in mea­sur­ing the air pres­sure. The tem­per­a­ture sen­sor mea­sures the in­take air tem­per­a­ture, al­low­ing the en­gine man­age­ment sys­tem to ad­just the amount of in­jected fuel.

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