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There are 1.2 peo­ple per car, work­ing out to an as­set util­i­sa­tion rate of as low as five per cent. In­creas­ing that ra­tio to even 1.3 peo­ple per car would re­duce CO2 con­sid­er­ably

Stud­ies in­di­cate that ap­prox­i­mately 1.2 mil­lion elec­tric two-wheel­ers are set to hit the lo­cal mar­ket by the year 2020

All-in­te­grated elec­tric power units will de­liver scal­able per­for­mance from 0.25 kW (0.34 PS) to 20 kW (27.2 PS) with sub­stan­tial torque in all cases

A two-wheeler can be com­pletely elec­tri­fied. A limou­sine, in­tended for longdis­tance travel, could be hy­bridised

Bosch have al­ready de­liv­ered more than 30 elec­tro­mo­bil­ity pro­duc­tion projects in col­lab­o­ra­tion with auto-mak­ers the world over

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