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I’ve had this feisty lit­tle Ital­ian as my long-term bike for a de­cent length of time now. In this time, I have grown quite fond of it too. The 10.4 PS of go-abil­ity, taut sus­pen­sion, size­able wheels, and sharp brakes are all at­tributes that make it an ex­tremely en­joy­able two-wheeler to hoon around town on. And on top of that, the SR 150 is a good looker too. A lot of pluses then; how­ever, there are a few nig­gles that aren’t deal-break­ers by any means but still bear men­tion­ing. The first is the tyres. The Vee Rub­ber that the SR 150 runs on are great in the dry, but do tend to slip out a lit­tle in wet con­di­tions. The horn switch, too, is a bit of an ir­ri­tant, as it seems to be pretty flimsy and has al­ready been re­placed once in the time I’ve been rid­ing the SR. Like I said, though, while mildly an­noy­ing, nei­ther as­pect is a de­ter­rent, and I’m quite happy with the SR 150 all things considered.

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