Have a big bike but still want to make it a lit­tle more spe­cial and per­sonal? You can start with the nuts and bolts of it. Lit­er­ally


Qual­ity fas­ten­ers that also add a dash of style

When you want more, there are al­ways sev­eral choices. How­ever, what if you’ve al­ready ex­pe­ri­enced the best and have found what you were look­ing for? Do you want to get more out of it? Or try to make it a lit­tle bet­ter, even if ever so slightly. High-per­for­mance tyres? Yes, they’re out there. Per­for­mance maps? They’re out there, too. As are high-flow air­fil­ters and loud pipes, even forced in­duc­tion and then some. Get­ting more per­for­mance out of your ride does not need to in­volve huge amounts of horse­power, or free-flow fil­ters and ex­haust pipes, it could be just as much about shav­ing weight, and im­prov­ing what is al­ready there. There are many ar­eas that could do with some de­tail. And when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it, that’s just what you es­sen­tially need.

One area of­ten ne­glected by many own­ers of per­for­mance bikes or bikes in gen­eral, is the many fas­ten­ers on it. Nuts, bolts, washers, screws, clips, riv­ets, caps you name it. Pro-bolt have a plethora of choices and it’s up to you to de­cide which way to go – steel, alu­minium, or even ti­ta­nium. More­over, there are parts avail­able for every­thing from a KTM 200 Duke to a Du­cati Pani­gale. There are over 35,000 prod­ucts avail­able, each of which have been cre­ated specif­i­cally for each par­tic­u­lar bike, with a se­lec­tion of sev­eral global mod­els to choose from.

The parts list in­cludes disc ro­tor bolts, axle nuts, swingarm nuts, axle bolts, bleed nip­ples, banjo bolts, grub screws, caliper-pad re­tain­ing pins, ra­dial caliper mount bolt kits, front and rear caliper mount kits and pinch-bolt kits, fork or axle bot­tom pinch bolts, brake and clutch perch pinch-bolt kits, han­dle­bar bolts, top and bot­tom triple-clamp bolts, foot-rest hanger bolts for rider or pil­lion, heel plate and chain guard kits, sub­frame bolt kits, and even scratch and spark sets.


Ex­cel­lent for non-stress ar­eas, alu­minium com­po­nents are about 60 per cent lighter than steel, and about 40 per cent lighter than ti­ta­nium. The light­weight com­po­nents are colour con­sis­tent and ma­chined to a high-qual­ity smooth fin­ish. Pro-bolt of­fers seven colours to choose from: black, blue, gold, or­ange, pur­ple, red, and sil­ver, each of which have been chem­i­cally bright­ened and an­odised to be­tween eight and 12 mi­crons thick. An­odised alu­minium is not af­fected by salt­wa­ter, road film, or mild acids.

The ma­te­rial used for con­struc­tion is 70756T6 Alu­minium. The man­u­fac­tur­ing process al­lows for com­mend­able yield strength, ten­sile strength, and a strength-to-weight ra­tio. Alu­minium is suit­able for use in all non-safety crit­i­cal ar­eas – mud­guards, screens, fair­ings, en­gine cas­ings, hug­gers, fuel caps, num­ber plates, lamp units, ex­haust cans, heel plates, ex­haust man­i­fold brack­ets, fuel-cap sur­rounds, air fil­ters, car rocker cov­ers, plus many more. How­ever, it isn’t suit­able for any stress area ap­pli­ca­tions.


Stress ar­eas are aptly han­dled by stain­less steel, with premium qual­ity prod­ucts that of­fer su­pe­rior strength, dura­bil­ity, and high cor­ro­sion re­sis­tance. They are avail­able in a black or a high-pol­ish mir­ror fin­ish steel.

Not all stain­less steel is us­able for stress ar­eas, how­ever. The ma­te­rial used is 316 Stain­less Steel made from al­loys of iron, they have a min­i­mum of 16.5 per cent chromium with other el­e­ments – nickel, molyb­de­num, ti­ta­nium, cop­per, car­bon, ni­tro­gen – added to en­hance forma­bil­ity and strength. It is the chromium-rich, ox­ide film that lends the cor­ro­sion re­sis­tance of stain­less steel. This makes it is suit­able for en­gine cas­ings, fair­ings, screens, front axle pinch bolts, caliper pinch bolts, caliper mount bolts, footrest hanger bolts, clip-on han­dle bar bolts, brake or clutch pinch perch bolts, top or bot­tom yoke clamp bolts, 1/4-turn D-ring quick re­lease fas­ten­ers, 1/4-turn Allen key drive quick re­lease fas­ten­ers, brake caliper pad pins, axle nuts, banjo bolts, bleed nip­ples and disc ro­tor bolts.


With com­po­nents made from air­craft-grade ti­ta­nium, Pro-bolt truly of­fer a unique op­por­tu­nity for up­grade. Not only is it the high strength but also the fact that ti­ta­nium is also over 40 per cent lighter than steel that makes it ideal for rac­ers and those look­ing for the very best. Ex­cep­tional strength and stiff­ness are, of course, in­her­ent prop­er­ties.

The ma­te­rial used is an al­loy first in­tro­duced in 1954: air­craft-grade Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5) for bolts. This af­fords a ten­sile strength mak­ing it suit­able for re­plac­ing both Grade 5 and Grade 8 steel bolts. Fur­ther­more, Pro-bolt roll the threads for even greater fa­tigue strength and re­duced galling.

They of­fer ta­pered, socket cap, flanged hex head, drilled race spec, coun­ter­sunk, and dome head bolts, nuts and washers – from 3.0 mm to 12.0 mm, axle nuts, swingarm nuts, yoke nuts, caliper pins, banjo bolts, disc bolts and many more specif­i­cally ma­chined items. The ti­ta­nium com­po­nents are avail­able in nat­u­ral, blue, black, gold, and pur­ple haze.


Pro-bolt are the lead­ing sup­plier of high-qual­ity fas­ten­ers, renowned for their sup­ply, qual­ity and sup­port, in the de­mand­ing realms of Bri­tish Su­per­bikes, World Su­per­bikes, and even Mo­toGP. Of course, that’s not to say that it’s re­stricted to the up­per classes of rac­ing. Those who par­take in rides, longdis­tance tour­ing, and, of course, track-days, can make the switch if they want higher qual­ity com­po­nents. Their prod­ucts are of­ten con­sid­ered up­grades that have a fit-and-for­get na­ture.

Us­ing Pro-bolt bits will make your bike stand out. When the time comes to re­place lost, cor­roded or worn fas­ten­ers, Pro-bolt of­fer cost-ef­fec­tive stain­less steel al­ter­na­tives, apart from low-weight of alu­minium and ti­ta­nium com­po­nents, all of which are made from qual­ity ma­te­ri­als and man­u­fac­tur­ing meth­ods. You may choose to up­grade some com­po­nents or even cus­tomise a num­ber of them. Apart from a se­lec­tion of high-qual­ity parts for most in­ter­na­tional mod­els, Pro-bolt also of­fer spe­cial race parts for cer­tain BMW, Du­cati, Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha mod­els.

For now, you may browse their vast cat­a­logue on­line, and even or­der. With In­dia’s grow­ing premium bike mar­ket, Pro-bolt are look­ing for dis­trib­u­tors in the coun­try. This would make sourc­ing these com­po­nents much quicker and eas­ier.

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