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I am an avid reader of your mag­a­zine. I heard re­cently that Yamaha pro­pose to start pro­duc­ing the RD 350’s spares. When do you think these will be­come avail­able in ma­jor In­dian cities? What is a CDI kit? Which is the most ap­pro­pri­ate disc brake and CDI kit for the Yamaha RD 350 (1984 model)? Where and at what price may I find those in New Delhi?

Ali Khan, via e-mail

No, Yamaha have not started pro­duc­ing any spare parts for the RD 350 nor will they, so far as we know, in the near fu­ture. There are a num­ber of CDI kits avail­able in the mar­ket. We sug­gest that you go for a 12V RX135 ig­ni­tion sys­tem that would fit your bike well. As for fit­ting disc brakes on your RD 350, you will have to weld the lugs on to the front forks for caliper mount­ing. Then you will need to re­place the front wheel with one that has mount­ing points for the ro­tors. You may con­sider the disc brake as­sem­bly from the Pul­sar or Yamaha FZ. Have the whole thing done by a com­pe­tent me­chanic or else there are chances that the whole mod­i­fi­ca­tion job might just back­fire.

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