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of this bi­cy­cle is its abil­ity to do ev­ery­thing a con­ven­tional bi­cy­cle does with the op­tion of com­fort that does not ac­com­pany a pedal-pow­ered ma­chine. Feel like burn­ing a few calo­ries? Then set the PaS (Pedalas­sist Sys­tem) to “0” and work through the gears un­til you run out of breath. If you have to reach your des­ti­na­tion as fresh as a daisy, then rest your legs on the ped­als and let the mo­tor do all the work.

cy­cling through nar­row, traf­fic-free lanes, PaS level one was enough to carry rea­son­able speed. level three of­fers the most mo­tor in­put and proved to be use­ful when I had to main­tain con­sid­er­able speed on the main roads. The as­sis­tance from the mo­tor comes in handy es­pe­cially if you lose mo­men­tum when in a high gear. In­stead of ped­alling back up to speed or drop­ping a few gears, I sim­ply used the mo­tor to re­claim lost speed and ped­alled away ef­fort­lessly.

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