Korean re­searchers dis­cover a drug for treat­ing stent pa­tients

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Re­searchers at the Seoul Na­tional Univer­sity Hospi­tal have found out that coat­ing stents with an erec­tile dys­func­tion drug may be the way for­ward in treat­ing stent pa­tients. The drug was orig­i­nally de­vel­oped to treat high blood pres­sure and pa­tient fol­low-up re­vealed that a side ef­fect was im­prove­ment of erec­tile dys­func­tion.

Stents are metal or plas­tic tubes that help to keep coro­nary ar­ter­ies open and pre­vent them from be­com­ing nar­row or blocked again. With tra­di­tional bare-metal stents, tis­sue growth within the artery can lead to resteno­sis.

In a series of lab­o­ra­tory and an­i­mal stud­ies, the drug which is a phos­pho­di­esterase type 5 (PDE 5) in­hibitor re­duced blood clots and pre­vented re­nar­row­ing (resteno­sis) of the ar­ter­ies af­ter stent place­ment.

If the ef­fect is re­pro­duced in hu­man tri­als, the drug may be used to coat stents in fu­ture heart pro­ce­dures or it may be given orally af­ter stent place­ment. If clin­i­cal tri­als show that the drug re­duces resteno­sis af­ter stent place­ment, it could be used in the clin­i­cal set­ting right away be­cause the med­i­ca­tion is safe and al­ready used in the real world for other pur­poses.

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