Is­raeli re­searchers cre­ate hu­man genome at­las

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Sci­en­tists from the He­brew Uni­ver­sity of Jerusalem, Is­rael have cre­ated an at­las of the hu­man genome, which high­lights the roles genes play in health and dis­ease, us­ing gene edit­ing tech­nol­ogy and hu­man em­bry­onic stem cells.

The study showed that only 9 per cent of all the genes in the hu­man genome are es­sen­tial for the growth and sur­vival of hu­man em­bry­onic stem cells, whereas 5 per cent ac­tu­ally limit the growth of these cells. The sci­en­tists could also an­a­lyse the role of genes re­spon­si­ble for all hered­i­tary disor­ders in early hu­man devel­op­ment and growth and were able to show how can­cer­caus­ing genes could af­fect the growth of the hu­man em­bryo. The study also iden­ti­fied a small group of genes which are es­sen­tial for the sur­vival of hu­man em­bry­onic stem cells and not other types. The re­searchers be­lieve these genes main­tain the iden­tity of em­bry­onic stem cells and pre­vent them from be­com­ing can­cer­ous or turn­ing into adult cells.

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