Cur­rent trends in In­dian Med­i­cal De­vice In­dus­try

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Med­i­cal de­vices are two kinds- su­tures, im­plants etc. and In vitro Di­ag­nos­tic kits, Reagents and In­stru­ments. In this ar­ti­cle I will be dis­cussing the later part. The Med­i­cal De­vices In­dus­try in­cludes Rapid tests, Clin­i­cal reagents, Hae­ma­tol­ogy, Mi­cro­bi­ol­ogy, Im­munol­ogy, Coag­u­la­tion Reagents, Molec­u­lar Di­ag­nos­tics kits and ELISA Kits. In ad­di­tion we are deal­ing with the in­stru­ments used for analysing the reagents and kits.

Cur­rent market size

It is very dif­fi­cult to gauge the cor­rect market size of the in­dus­try as no proper sur­vey is avail­able. Many avail­able re­ports are not com­plete as many mar­kets are still not doc­u­mented. Many gov­ern­ment sup­plies are sea­sonal and may not be avail­able for es­ti­ma­tion. The In­dian IVD In­dus­try market size is es­ti­mated to be at Rs. 6000 Crores and may reach Rs. 10000 Rs. Crores by 2020 with a CAGR of 15-20%.

Lat­est trends

Lat­est trends in Di­ag­nos­tics are mainly in the ar­eas of sen­sor based prod­ucts. These may be in­de­pen­dent with read­ers or many of them are based on smart phones. Bhat Biotech is work­ing with sev­eral projects in­de­pen­dently and with other col­lab­o­ra­tors based in UK and USA. We are work­ing on thy­roid hor­mone es­ti­ma­tions based on Smart phone read­ers (USA) and based on molec­u­lar semi­con­duc­tors (UK). We are also work­ing on Real time PCR based on Impedance and Ca­pac­i­tance.

Ma­jor bulky and ex­pen­sive di­ag­nos­tic equip­ment are be­ing re­placed with tiny (nano) elec­tron­ics ma­chiner­ies. With the easy ex­cess for in­ter­net tele­di­ag­nos­tics is tak­ing shape. Peo­ple can per­form the test at home or at POC and con­sult the doc­tors for treat­ment world­wide.

Key play­ers

We can di­vide the key play­ers in to two sec­tions- one who are real man­u­fac­tur­ers and oth­ers are mainly mar­ket­ing com­pa­nies. Ma­jor Multi­na­tional com­pa­nies are Roche Di­ag­nos­tics, Beck­man Coul­ter, Ab­bott Di­ag­nos­tics, Siemens Health­care, Bec­ton and Dick­en­son, Qi­a­gen, Sigma Aldrich, Perkin Elmer, Ac­curex, Bayer Health­care, John­son and John­son, Hi­tachi, Bio-Rad, BioMerieux Etc. Ma­jor In­dian com­pa­nies are, Tulip group of com­pa­nies (Now a Perkin Elmer Com­pany), J. Mi­tra and com­pany, Span Di­ag­nos­tics, Bhat Biotech In­dia (P) Ltd., Trans Asia, Agappe Di­ag­nos­tics etc. Please see the list in http:// admi-in­ for more de­tails. In ad­di­tion, there are sev­eral startup com­pa­nies ven­tured into the POC sec­tor, which in­cludes, Neu­rosy­nap­tic, and Achira Labs.

Prod­ucts devel­oped and man­u­fac­tured

To­day al­most all kind of di­ag­nos­tic prod­ucts are be­ing man­u­fac­tured and sold in In­dia. They may be kits for in­fec­tious dis­eases such as HIV, HCV, HBV, Malaria, Dengue, Chikun­gunya, etc. or Clin­i­cal chem­istry reagents and in­stru­ments, Hae­ma­tol­ogy reagents and in­stru­ments, Im­munol­ogy Reagents and in­stru­ments, Urine chem­istry reagents and in­stru­ments, ELISA reagents and in­stru­ments for a va­ri­ety of in­fec­tious and other con­di­tions, Blood Glu­cose strips and me­ters.

Com­pa­nies who are into ex­ports

Al­most all ma­jor man­u­fac­tur­ing and mar­ket­ing com­pa­nies are into ex­port. Our ma­jor bot­tle necks in ex­port­ing to devel­oped coun­tries are the reg­u­la­tory ap­provals and reg­is­tra­tions. The strin­gent reg­u­la­tions and the reg­u­la­tory ap­provals are some of the ar­eas of con­cern. Even the de­vel­op­ing coun­tries in Africa also need the WHO or CE ap­provals. An­other prob­lem in the ex­port to the African coun­tries is due to the com­pe­ti­tion from China and Korea, who many times sell their prod­ucts at be­low cost.


The growth driv­ers of the In­dian IVD market is by the in­crease in health­care aware­ness and de­mand for qual­ity health­care and in­crease in cor­po­rate hos­pi­tals, and lab­o­ra­tory ser­vices, and ex­pan­sion of di­ag­nos­tic ser­vices to the ru­ral ar­eas.

In a nut­shell the out­look is good, in spite of some of the prob­lems which can be solved eas­ily if the gov­ern­ment ap­plies its mind.

Dr Shama Bhat

Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor, Bhat Biotech In­dia (P) Ltd

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