US sci­en­tists make sun­screen from DNA

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Sci­en­tists at Bing­ham­ton Univer­sity in New York have devel­oped a film from the DNA of salmon which gets bet­ter at pro­tect­ing the skin from ul­travi­o­let light the more it is ex­posed to the Sun.

It also helps lock in mois­ture be­neath the sur­face which is usu­ally lost dur­ing tan­ning. The film was made from a mix­ture of the DNA from salmon sperm, wa­ter and ethanol to cre­ate sheets of a trans­par­ent crys­talline ma­te­rial.

They found that the more they ex­posed the film to UV light, the bet­ter the film got at ab­sorb­ing it. The DNA coat­ing can also store and hold wa­ter much more than un­coated skin. When ap­plied to hu­man skin, they are ca­pa­ble of slow­ing wa­ter evap­o­ra­tion and keep­ing the tis­sue hy­drated for ex­tended pe­ri­ods of time.

The team also wants to test whether the ma­te­rial could be use­ful as a wound cov­er­ing. Be­cause it is trans­par­ent, doc­tors would be able to mon­i­tor how well a wound was heal­ing with­out re­mov­ing the dress­ing.

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