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a. Em­pha­sis on im­prov­ing Qual­ity and GMP will in­crease cost of pro­duc­tion.

b. The phas­ing out of loan li­cens­ing and con­tract man­u­fac­tur­ing will make in­stalled ca­pac­i­ties re­dun­dant and cre­ate unemployment.

c. The in­vest­ment for cre­at­ing new ca­pac­i­ties for in-house pro­duc­tion will fur­ther in­crease prod­uct cost.

d. Over em­pha­sis on af­ford­abil­ity will put pres­sure on pric­ing.

e. Thus, pol­icy pre­scrip­tion would lead to higher pro­duc­tion costs and lower prices. f. This may im­pact com­pet­i­tive­ness of the in­dus­try and in turn af­fect its ex­port led growth.

g. Cer­tain ob­ser­va­tions in the Pol­icy about the qual­ity of medicines, GMP com­pli­ance, the in­ad­e­quate over­sight of the drug reg­u­la­tory au­thor­i­ties, etc. may put off the reg­u­la­tors, doc­tors and pa­tients from us­ing medicines made in In­dia and pro­vide a field day to com­peti­tors to hut In­dia’s ex­ports. This would fur­ther slow­down ex­ports.

h. The ben­e­fit of scale, cur­rently en­joyed by the In­dian pa­tients, from huge ex­port vol­umes may slowly dis­ap­pear and push up the costs and prices of medicines.

i. The latest data of do­mes­tic sales and ex­ports speak for them­selves.

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