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A Fu­ture Life­style and Fash­ions brand, Giovani is a quin­tes­sen­tial for­mal wear brand that eases the layer of for­mal­ritu­als around the suit and al­lows one’s true self to man­i­fest. The brand is pop­u­lar chiefly be­cause of its su­pe­rior fits and the trade­mark Ital­ian cuts that Giovani suits and jack­ets fea­ture.

Core Tar­get Group

Giovani’s chief tar­get au­di­ence com­prises men in the age group of 2540 years. It’s for the man who strad­dles many roles and celebrates each of them with ease.

Core Prod­uct Cat­e­gories

The brand’s col­lec­tion en­com­passes a con­coc­tion of styles in band­hgalas, jack­ets, shirts, Nehru jack­ets and blaz­ers. There are many in­tri­cate de­tail­ing and em­bel­lish­ments added in each of th­ese gar­ments.

Nom­i­nated Festive Col­lec­tion and it’s Theme

The new col­lec­tion is called ‘Great Jazz’ and its core theme re­volves around cel­e­brat­ing the ele­gance and flam­boy­ance of the great jazz era.

De­sign Aes­thet­ics and Details

Giovani has used bold vel­vets, jacquards and struc­tures to give the col­lec­tion a dis­tinc­tive visual ap­peal. The col­lec­tion also fea­tures a wide range of waist coats for mix and match, chained waist coats and ul­tra slim fit trousers along with a strik­ing range of dif­fer­en­ti­ated shirts that in­clude tuxedo wing col­lar shirts, pin tuck shirts, black piping man­darin col­lar shirts, etc.

Rea­sons for Cre­at­ing the Col­lec­tion and Over­all Ex­pec­ta­tions

The jazz era was known for its bold look and fash­ion state­ments. With ex­po­sure to fast evolv­ing in­ter­na­tional trends, the brand ex­pects the In­dian men to be more ex­per­i­men­tal and make daunt­less fash­ion state­ments with the ‘Great Jazz’ col­lec­tion.

Pro­mo­tion Plans for the Col­lec­tion

The brand plans to pro­mote the col­lec­tion uti­liz­ing strong visual rep­re­sen­ta­tions and props in all its stores. The brand also plans to uti­lize the dig­i­tal me­dia to con­nect to the mod­ern, dig­i­tally savvy con­sumers.

Lat­est Fall/Win­ter Col­lec­tion

Apart from the ‘Great Jazz’ col­lec­tion, Giovani has also launched a new Fall/Win­ter col­lec­tion that draws in­spi­ra­tion from the mix and match story. Sen­si­bil­i­ties of the new Au­tumn/ Win­ter col­lec­tion is in­spired by lav­ish life­style.

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