Gane­sha and the moon

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Lord Gane­sha – the son of Lord Shiva and God­dess Par­vathi had a weak­ness for sweets. He could not stop him­self from tak­ing the sweets, when­ever any­one of­fered it to him. Once Lord Gane­sha's devo­tee of­fered him lots of sweets. Lord Gane­sha was so pleased that he stayed there the en­tire day and ate most of the sweets. Af­ter night had come, Lord Gane­sha gath­er­ing all the re­main­ing sweets, walked home slowly. He had eaten too much and his stom­ach was full. As Lord Gane­sha was walk­ing back he stum­bled and fell down. All the sweets scat­tered ev­ery­where and his dress was torn. Lord Gane­sha was feel­ing em­bar­rassed as he picked him­self up. He dusted him­self and col­lected all his sweets. He looked around hop­ing no one had seen him. Un­for­tu­nately the Moon – Chan­dra Deva had seen ev­ery­thing. Those were the days when the moon was full all through the month. There was no such thing as a wax­ing and wan­ing pe­riod of the moon. See­ing the pot bel­lied Gane­sha stum­ble and fall, Chan­dra Deva fell about laugh­ing hard. Chan­dra Deva thought of him­self as very hand­some. He al­ways thought that the pot bel­lied Gane­sha with his stumpy feet and ele­phant head looked funny... He wiped tears from his face as he watched Lord Gane­sha pick him­self up. Lord Gane­sha was an­noyed when he saw Chan­dra Deva laugh­ing at him. He does not even come and help me... Just laughs at me... 'Chan­dra!' Lord Gane­sha bel­lowed an­grily as Chan­dra Deva stopped laugh­ing. 'You laughed at me! You think you are so hand­some! I curse you that hence­forth you will dis­ap­pear from the sky and never show your face again. That stopped Chan­dra Deva cold. Oh God! Now no one would be able to see me... Chan­dra Deva shook his head The pun­ish­ment was too harsh... Chan­dra Deva im­me­di­ately came up to Lord Gane­sha. 'Lord! Please for­give me! I was proud! I am sorry... Please! Chan­dra Deva begged the Lord Lord Gane­sha looked at Chan­dra and re­alised that Chan­dra's pride had been bro­ken. Lord Gane­sha is al­ways quick to for­give. He smiled and nod­ded his head. But Lord Gane­sha re­alised that he could not take back his curse. 'Chan­dra, I can­not take back my words' Lord Gane­sha saw Chan­dra Deva droop and look un­happy, looking at him desparately, 'But lis­ten Chan­dra, I will lessen your curse. You will slowly re­duce in your ap­pear­ance and there will be only one day when there will be no moon in the sky and on the days fol­low­ing the new moon day, you will keep in­creas­ing in size and fi­nally glow on the fif­teenth day in your full size...' Chan­dra nod­ded his head hap­pily, 'Thank you Lord!' Lord Gane­sha thought of some­thing and said with twin­kling eyes, 'There is one more thing!' Chan­dra looked at Lord Gane­sha scared that there would be some other con­di­tion. Lord Gane­sha shook his head, 'No noth­ing like that! You laughed at me on the Chaturthi. Who­ever sees you on this day, would have some prob­lems... How­ever do not worry, these prob­lems would be solved if you lis­ten to the story of Kr­ishna and the Sya­man­taka Gem' It was from that day on­wards that the moon has been de­creas­ing in size be­fore the no moon day and in­creas­ing till the full moon day! The story of Kr­ishna and Sya­man­taka Gem is an­other story.

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